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My Grandma, Maxien

Maxien Haaby

(maybe Hagen?)


Shayna Hagen


6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


(Maxien's last name was not shown in the essayand the above is name of her parents)


My grandma is a very nice lady. She was born on the dateof November 12, 1925. She was born in the little town of Badger, MN. Bothof her parents are from the town of Roseau, MN. Their names are Mertle andInghart Haaby.

My grandma went to a school that some of the kids calleda country school. They called it a country school because it didn't reallyhave a name - so they just called it District 21 School. My grandma didn'treally have any time to go to school because she had to stay home and workwith her brothers, sisters, and parents. When my grandma was a kid, aboutthe age of 9 years old, she would be working until she had to quit school.The three things she had to do was wash dishes, wash clothes, and pick stuffout of the garden such as the potatoes, tomatoes and peas. My grandma'smother would get her up at five o'clock and start working. Every morning,her mom would be outside picking potatoes, tomatoes and peas. While my grandma'sdad was a butter maker and a farmer, that's where my grandma's family gotall their money to live . . otherwise, they would be very poor.

My grandma lived in a very small house in the country with2 brothers and 3 sisters. My grandma loves her family very much. My grandmahad to baby sit all of her brothers and sisters while her grandma went uptown to get something for supper. Her brother's and sister's names are Vernon,Nancy, Norma and Lila.

The most saddest part about my grandma's life was whenher daughter, Bonnie, got sick and died. It all started when the doctorcame into her room and told her that her kid was sick. When the doctor camein there and told my grandma, she had been worried about Bonnie for about2 days and then the doctor came in again and told her that she didn't survive.She died of pneumonia. My grandma was sad when that happened but she gotover it after a while. She would have been my aunt and the middle childin the family.

My grandma and grandpa lived all over the Unites States,every place you can name. But the first place they ever lived was InternationalFalls.

While my grandma had time off, she would listen to theradio, because back then they didn't have any Nintendos and TV's. Even ifthey did have those things, they wouldn't have had any interest in them.

That's what my grandma's life was like.


Shayna Hagen


Shayna Hagen