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My Grandpa

Donald Hagen


Shayne Hagen

6th Grade 1998, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN

My grandpa, Donald Hagen, was born at home on March 30,1924 in Roseau, MN. His parents were Richard and Bertina Hagen. He grewup on a farm with 6 brothers and 2 sisters. Their names are: Alvan, Lillian,Arlyn, Robbie, Kenneth, Romain, Dorothy, and Melferd. He and his twin sister,Dorothy, were the second to the youngest of the nine children. He went toa country school for eight years. They had to work hard all the time. Theironly way to school was by foot or by horses. They had to walk a mile nomatter how cold it was.

Grandpa met and married Maxine Haaby in June 1947 in Ranier,MN. They lived in International Falls for about 3 years. They they movedto Aurora. They had 7 children who are still living and they lost a babygirl at 18 months old. My mom, Sheryl, lives in Karlstad. The oldest isDale Hagen and he lives in Badger. Two sons, Leslie and Junior Hagen, bothlive in Roseau and he has 2 other daughters, Tracie Henrickson and SallyLundquist. Tracie lives in Roseau and Sally lives in Badger.

My Grandpa has worked at many different jobs. One of hisjobs was at the mill in International Falls and he worked in the woods asa lumber jack. He used to have many different shacks he lived in up by theCanadian border where he had many close calls of almost being killed. Anotherjob he had was at an iron mine in Aurora, MN.

In 1953, grandpa and grandma moved to Roseau, MN. He workedfor the county of Roseau hauling gravel and grain and he was a house moverfor 20 years. He also worked as a grave digger and has worked for many farmersincluding JB Farms in Karlstad where he picked rocks.

In 1979, my grandpa sold his house in Roseau and all thelots he had and they moved to the country by Badger, MN. That is where theylive today. He works for a farmer in Greenbush.

He likes cutting wood and going to casinos. He likes todo a lot of talking with his friends. He likes traveling around the country.My grandpa went to Arizona and saw the Grand Canyon. He liked it so muchhe wanted to stay there. His daughter, Sally, has a motor home and he enjoysgoing to Lake of the Woods in the motor home and staying overnight. He goesfishing with Sally's husband, Mark, in their big boat.

I like spending time with my grandpa. We drive the three-wheelerand four-wheelers. We go fishing by a pond in Badger. We have a lot of fun.

Written by: Shayne Hagen

>Written by: Shayne Hagen