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Eleanor Halvorson


Tina Carlson


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


My grandma, Eleanor Halvorson, was born January 16, 1929in Mercy Hospital in Thief River Falls. She was raised on a farm in ThiefRiver Falls, MN.

She went to a country school and had a mile and a halfto walk in rain or snow.

They had so much snow in the yards, you couldn't see thebuildings because of the snow hills. You had to walk over them to get tothe farm.

When she was eight years old, her father passed away. Then, her grandparents came to live with her and her family to help. Acouple of years later, her mother got married again. Then, she got a sisterand brother.

When she was fifteen, her mother went out for work again. Eleanor had to take care of her brother and sister. She had to clean house,cook, wash clothes, and cook for a threshing crew of about ten men. Theyhad to carry in water and wood to cook and heat with. She washed clothesby hand in tubs and ring clothes with a wringer and hung them out to dry.

When she was eighteen, they sold the farm because her grandfathergot sick. They moved into town. She did baby sitting and housework. Ayear after that, her grandfather passed away.

When she was twenty-one, she got married to Bruce Carlson. They moved around also. She has seven children, four boys, three girls.

When she got older, she went to Arctic Cat and was makingsnowcats. When she quit there, she started sewing at Arctic Cat. Sheworked there twelve years until they closed. Then she started to work atthe hospital. She worked there for eleven years.

In 1977, Bruce got killed. Then, she got married again. Eleanor has ended up taking care of many grandchildren.

Information from Eleanor Halvorson

My Grandmother.


My Grandmother.