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Alfon Hanson


Veronica Lynn Hanson


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


On January 1, 1917, a son was born to Otto and Carrie Hanson. His name was Alfon Wilson Hanson.

His first 5 years were spent in Walcot, North Dakota andafter that he and his family moved to Lancaster, MN.

He went to a one room school where one teacher taught allgrades. In the winter, they had to leave early to get to school on time. They also carried lanterns to keep wolves away. They had 4 miles to walkthere and on the way back.

There were 10 children, including Alfon, in the familyso they had to do certain jobs for extra money.

They had a big garden every summer for selling and gettingextra money also.

He met Ethel Snare in Lancaster. Ethel was a telephoneoperator at the time. On June 28, 1952, they got married in Karlstad LutheranChurch. They had two sons, Wayne and Bob Hanson. They went to a weddingtrip in Wilson, North Dakota visiting relatives.

For fun, they had hay rides and baseball teams. Alfonmade $250.00 a month. It was a hard life for Alfon Hanson. There werecarnivals and county fairs but finances were so bad that they never couldgo to them. It was a hardship to feed and clothe all kids.

He enjoyed going fishing all his life. He didn't likehunting deer at all! A favorite pastime for him was to go for a Sundaydrive. many Sundays he and his family would get in a car and explore orend up at relatives and friends homes to visit.

For business, he and Otto, his father, cut and sold wood. When he was 16 years old he worked for Home Grain Farms in Humboldt. For38 years he worked for John Bogestad Farms. The work done was plantingand harvesting of small grains, beets and potatoes. The winter months werespent in a warehouse where potatoes were bagged and shipped.

Alfon was deaf in one ear so he was not accepted in theservice. He also lost a leg from complications with diabetes in the springof 1983.

He was the second child of Otto and Carrie Hanson. Hehad 3 brothers in the army and 1 brother in the forces in World War II.

Alfon's doctor was Dr. Thorlrus in Karlstad. Alfon wasa very likable man. He had a twinkle in his eye that would light up whenhe would tease us!

He was a nice grandpa. I was only two years old when hedied.



This information is from Bob, Debra, Ethel, and Wayne Hanson

information is from Bob, Debra, Ethel, and Wayne Hanson