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Alfon Wilson Hanson


Chris Hanson

6th Grade 1998, LancasterSchool, Lancaster, MN

I did not know the man that was my grandfather, Alfon WilsonHanson. Alfon was born on January 1, 1917 to Otto and Carrie Hanson. Hisparents lived in Walcot, North Dakota until Alfon was 5 years old. Thenhis family moved to Lancaster, Minnesota.

Alfon was one of 10 children born to Carrie and Otto. Hehad 3 brothers in the Army and 1 brother in the Air Force in World War 2.Alfon was not accepted in the service because he was deaf in one ear.

Alfon went to a one room school where one teacher taughtall grades. In the winter, the four miles to school were very hard on them.They would have to leave early and carry a lantern to keep wolves and otherwild animals away from them.

In the summers, Alfon and his brothers and sisters wouldwork in a garden. The vegetables were stored and some sold to help the family.

For fun, the family would go on hay rides and play baseball.Alfon did not grow up in a time where life was very hard. While others wentto county fairs and fun things, Alfon and his family could not attend becauseit was hard enough to feed and clothe the family.

He met his wife to be in Lancaster. Her name was EthelSnare. Ethel was then a telephone operator. On June 28, 1952, they weremarried in the Karlstad Lutheran Church. They had 2 sons, Wayne and Robert.They honeymooned in Wilson, North Dakota visiting relatives.

Alfon enjoyed going fishing and going for Sunday afternoondrives. He would pack up his family and visit friends and relatives.

Up until he was 16 years old, Alfon would cut and sellwood with his father. He then worked for Home Grain farms in Humboldt. For38 years until he retired, he worked for John Bogestad Farms. If he wasalive now, I think I would enjoy listening to his stories about how farmingchanged.

Alfon was forced to retire because of complications withdiabetes. He had to have his leg amputated too. It was very hard for Alfonnot to work. He had worked all his life. My mom says it was like the lightin eye was gone. He was very unhappy then. One day in September, 1983, hepassed away leaving fond memories with his family.

I think I would have been proud to have known him and tocall him grandpa. I got this from my dad, my mom, my grandma, and my sisters.

d, my mom, my grandma, and my sisters.