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The History Of

Doris Mae Hanson


Renee Hanson


6th Grade 1995, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


Doris Mae Hanson was born in Lake Bronson on July 12, 1929. Doris has four brothers and four sisters. Their names are: George, Charlotte,Warren, Gertrude, Violet, Willis, Kenneth, Doris, and Lorraine. She alsohas two sons, Jerry, and Bryce. Doris has six grandchildren, Reade, Anthony,Matthew, Elizabeth, Megan, and Renee.

When Doris was growing up, she liked to ride horses andplay tag with her brothers and sisters. When it was morning, Doris andher sisters would help their mother clean and do chores in the house, whileher brothers helped their father in the barn. At night, all the childrenwould clean up and get things ready for morning. Now, Doris lives in LakeBronson, and works in Hallock Hospital. She enjoys walking, going on trips,and just sitting around the house and relax!

I got this information from my grandparent, Doris M. Hanson

Doris M. Hanson