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Hank Haug

Founder of the

Bagley Wildlife Museum


Rick Bakken


Mr. Henry Haug, better known to sportsmen as "Hank,"was born in 1903 in Bagley, Minnesota where he has lived his entire life.

Hank started his experiences in the 1930's as a hobby whichlater grew to a full time occupation.

In the early 1950's, Hank's workshop was getting overlycrowded with all the fine specimens he had collect, so he decided to builda museum to display his specimens of wildlife to the public. By 1954, themuseum, along with his new house and workshop, had been completed, displayinga fine array of over 7,500 specimens. They are placed behind 20 large displaywindows of natural habitat settings, and are considered to be the finestspecimens in this part of the United States.

During his life, Hank has traveled all over the North Americancontinent collecting wildlife specimens. The animals range in size frommice to moose and include such specimens as the Kodiak bear, Grizzly bear,Moose caribou, deer, first of only three pair of fully mounted deer withhorns locked in battle, down to including lynx, timber wolf, coyote, fox,muskrat, beaver, otter, mink, and many more.

In his museum, Hank also has over 80 fish on display, rangingin size from sunfish to muskie and paddle fish.

His collection of birds range in size from hummingbirdsto pelicans, including the hawk, owls, blue jays, and many more.

Of his huge array of fish and animals, he has made up someanimals including the "Hoof-a-boo" and fish, including the "furfish"which is covered with fur.

By 1975, Hank had brought up his specimen toll from 500to over 800 and by doing so, achieved the finest museum in the entire Midwest.

Hank and surrounding donators obtained this wide varietyof specimens by hunting with equipment ranging from fishing poles to highpowered rifles including such things as: bow and arrow, shotguns, .22'sto M-16 rifles, and many more.

In his long life of artifacts, he has an array of thingsincluding guns, pots, and other metal hardware. He has old skulls of buffaloes,several skulls of deer with locked horns, and a large amount more.

For the young children to see, he has the finest collectionof small animals including: mice, squirrels, rats, skunks, rabbits, porcupine,beavers, muskrats, and many many more

Each season over 1,000 school children visit the museumas a part of their sciences curriculum.

His future plans are to attempt to get a polar bear, whichhe has wanted very deeply. After that, he plans on maybe retiring.

If you're ever in the mood for talking or swapping stories,visit "Hank" Haug and his wife, Mable, at the Bagley WildlifeMuseum in West Bagley, Minnesota.


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