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Jean Holze


Tammy Frame


6th Grade 1996, Lancaster School, Lancaster,Minnesota


My grandma moved around a lot. She moved about three times. She moved to Minnesota, South Dakota and Illinois. She is now living inMinnesota.

My grandma played lots of stuff. She played tic-tac-toe,hop scotch, blind mans bluff, jump rope, plompom pull away, and also pretendedthat friends would come and visit from different countries. They had oillamps to do their homework by. My grandma's hobbies are plastic canvascrafts, reading, and watching TV and movies. Her favorite sport in schoolwas running and her favorite subject was reading. The changes my grandmahad to go through were meeting new people and changing churches.

My grandma loves living here in Lancaster. Her parentswere old fashioned people but they were very nice people!!! The stuff shelikes to do is watching the river flow and watching the birds. The weatherisn't better here than it was where she used to live. When she lived onthe farm she had lots of animals and some of them were: milk cows, horses,cats, dogs, pigs, and chickens. The jobs that she had to do were feedingthe cats, chickens, and pigs. She helped her mother in the garden pullingweeds. When they traveled with her family, it was in a buggy or sometimesthey even traveled by car. When it was cold, they tried to stay in as muchas possible. My grandma wore long stockings that came to her knees anda dress that came to the top of her stockings. In the summer, she woreshorts and short sleeved shirts and shoes that buckled over the top of yourfeet. They had to go outside and use an outhouse because they never hadindoor plumbing. She had electricity and a T.V. and later on she got aphone. She wore her hair in a side braid or else in pig tails. Her hairwas shoulder length and golden brown.

I think that my grandma is an AWESOME person and is alsovery caring. She is a real sweetheart!!!! I did my report on her becausemy grandma is a really interesting person and has an interesting life!! She cares about people very much. She thinks the way I think. I thinkthat she is a very special person. I did my report on her because she ismy only grandma that lives around here.

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Interview with Jean Holze

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