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Carl Hostrup


Daniel Hostrup


6th Grade 1995, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


He was born December 6, 1916. He was born in the McKinleyTownship. He fought in World War II. He was my hero. I though he wasbrave. He didn't get hurt in the war. If he would have gotten wounded,I would have been sad. He was a farm boy. He liked farming a lot. Hewanted to be a farmer when he grew up. He liked working with machinery.

I'm glad he didn't get hurt. He worked in a garage inLancaster. He worked in Kiene's farm, too. He liked some sports. He likedfishing and hunting. He got pretty good grades in school. He was an averagestudent. He went to a country school. We don't remember the name of it. He never skipped school. I am glad about that.

He got into some fights with kids at school. He neverhurt anybody though. He had lots of friends. I am glad about that. Ididn't want my grandpa to be lonely. He never played sports except forfishing and hunting.

He met grandma in 1945. They got married on November 20,1946. They lived on a farm for a long time. Then Grandpa died when I was5 years old. He died in 1988.

Grandpa was good to us. He would give us four wheelerand sno-cat rides. He would give us rides in the pickup. We would lookfor deer. He'd give us piggy back rides. We would try to beat him in wrestling. You try wrestling him. He's really strong. He used to work on the farm. I loved him.

Interview - April 27, 1995

Interview - April 27, 1995