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Earl Hougard


Earl Hougard


6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


I have chosen to write about Earl Sherman Hougard. Heis my grandpa. He was born in Strandquist in 1932. His parents are Holgerand Anna Hougard.

He walked to school two blocks. At school there were twogrades in each classroom. He played baseball and basketball.

Most of his toys were wooden and metal, some were homemade. He also had a dog and a pony - the pony he rode and drove.

At night, he carried in wood for the fire.

Over the years, he lived in Strandquist. He was mayorfor about twelve years. He raised ponies. In 1948, he started collectingtoys. He takes the toys to sales and shows in the cities and other places. He also sold used snowmobiles. In 1957 - 1961, he sold Massey Harris farmequipment. He also owned Hougard Oil and Supply - and sold AAA insuranceand other insurance.

He went into the army in 1954. He was in Fort LeonardWood, Missouri. He also was at Fort Velvor in Virginia and at Walters AirForce Base, Frobisher Baffin Island, Goose Bay Labadurs. He was in theservice for two years.

He married Ruth Marion Dagen in First Lutheran Church inKarlstad. For a few years, they traveled with the army.

He also served the city council of Strandquist and theTri-County Ambulance board in nearby Karlstad.

He had a brother and a sister. Philip Arling Hougard wasborn December 7, 1922 in Strandquist. He passed away due to severe winterheater burns which occurred during an explosion. Unfortunately he neversaw his daughter.

His sister was Ruby Marie Hougard. She passed away dueto a heart attack. She had never been married when she was 31 years old.

In 1989, the Hougards moved to Bemidji, MN where they openeda deer park known as Paul Bunyan's Animal Land. In addition, Earl sellsOld American Insurance and also drives test cars for Dodge and Chrysler. Marion works at Security State Bank. As of 1996, Earl and Marion are stillin Bemidji. They have three kids: Elliot Sterling, Mariot Emery, CarraDee Hougard. Merritt is a Bemidji resident. He has three kids

Carra and Sterling are Karlstad residents.

The deer park is a daily chore. His grand kids, Philip,Andy, Steve, Mike, Eric, Hunter all have something to do there - like runthe cash register, wash pens, feed. Some of the things Earl raises is cougars,ponies, monkeys, deer, coyotes, emus, reahs, bears, goats. Some of thedeer Earl gets come from the DNR so he bottle feeds them. Earl enjoys thepark so he plans to stay. He has a miniature car museum and he is stillgetting toys. He has over 200 cars. He has planned to drive test carsagain this year.

The reason I chose to write about him is because he's notjust my grandpa, he's my friend.

The End

I got my information from my Grandpa

Me and him are good friends.


Me and him are good friends.