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Geraldine L. Hultgren


Anthony R. Hultgren


6th Grade 1995, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


Geraldine Wollin was born July 19, 1936, to George andAmy Wollin. She was born at home on a farm 3 miles east of Karlstad, MN.

She summer of 1936 was a very hot summer with record heattemperatures still holding today.

When she was 2 years old, they moved to a farm that waslocated 1 mile south and 1 mile east of Karlstad. She lived there untilshe was 15 years old. She often thinks back to those days on the farm andwishes every kid could have that experience.

They had a shetland pony plus other horses to ride. Shegrew up with her 3 brothers: Jim, Russ, and Dave. She hung around withthem a lot till her sisters were born, so she became a tomboy. Her sisterswere Anita, Margaret, and Lola.

Her brothers and her had a lot of fun with their pony,Tony. They had a cart and harness to use in nice weather and a sled forthe winter time. They would have their friends come out and play. Barbaraand Pat Seng, and Dean and Carol Turnwall were maybe out there the most.

They had to make their own fun because back in those daysthey didn't have electric lights, T.V.'s, V.C.R.'s, or all the things peoplehave today.

In the summertime, they had a playhouse made out of anold car body. This was located behind the chicken house in their yard,and they would play in the hay loft upstairs in the barn.

In the winter time, they had sleds and toboggans to playon the snow hills in the yard. Some years the hills were 12 to 15 feethigh. They had a battery operated radio, so they would listen to radioprograms like the Lone Ranger, Amos and Andy, and Jack Benny to name a fewin the evenings and after school.

They rode the bus to school and in the winter time theywould get on the bus in the morning when it was dark and came home in thedark. Her dad used to take them up to the road to meet the bus and be therewhen they came home. They would get on at 7:00 a.m. and get off at 5:00p.m.. They were the first ones on and the last ones off at night.

Geraldine tells they had to work and help with chores aroundthe farm. They had milk cows that the brothers had to help milk. Theyalso had pigs and chickens that needed to be fed. Geraldine didn't haveto help milk cows, but she did have to help separate the milk and help hermother with the housework. She would have to stay in the house and fixlunches. She also tells that she would bake bread in the wood stove whileher mother would go and ride the binder in harvest season.

They didn't get electric lights until 1948 when R.E.A.came into the area. Before that, they used kerosene and white gas lampsfor light. The wood stove was for cooking and heating the house. Theykept their food and milk cold by hanging it in a pail in the well. Theyhad an ice cream freezer that was used in the winter months when they hadice. Every Sunday and on Holidays, they would make home made ice cream. "It was delicious."

They never had indoor plumbing all the years she livedat home. In fact, she never had the use of indoor plumbing when she gotmarried in 1957 and still didn't have indoor plumbing until 1967 when theymoved to their present home. Her folks didn't have an indoor bathroom until1960 when they bought a home in Karlstad and her Dad built on a bathroom.

Geraldine and her folks moved from the farm to town in1950. They lived right across from the school for her freshman throughher senior high school days. They lived in a place where the Senior andLow-Income housing is now located. They had a barn and pasture, so theyhad milk cows and a few beef cattle right in town. They also raised a coupleof pigs for their own meat. Even after all this, they didn't have a modernbathroom in the house. They did have a sandpoint well in the house.

On June 30, 1957, Geraldine Wollin married Duane Hultgrenin Karlstad, MN. They had eight children: Mark, Gregory, George, Harry,Amy, Ann, Steven, and Elizabeth. Their ages were all quite close as Markwas 12 years old when Elizabeth was born.

Geraldine now has 4 grandchildren and another is due inOctober of 1994. They are Krista, Anthony, J. R. (Duane James, Jr.), andKara. Krista, Anthony, and J.R. have all spent a lot of time at Grandma'shouse. Kara, who was 2 years old in September, is the only one who hasn'thad the chance to spend much time with Grandma. Geraldine has legal guardianshipof Anthony, so he lives with her all the time.

Geraldine baby sat in her home for about 9 years untillast May when she retired from that job. She presently does accountingand tax work in her home which keeps her very busy. She also is very activewith church, Sunday School, and 4-H activities that she and Anthony participatein.

I received my information from Geraldine L. Hultgren


I received my information from Geraldine L. Hultgren