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Humboldt Post Office


Kent Ash


During 1887 - 1889, a number of loud cracks sounded overthe prairie. The sound came from 1/3 mile north of Alfred Rustad's farm. What is now the Humboldt Post Office was being built on Charles Clow'sfarm. The name of the Post Office was Fairview.

On October 1, 1889, John McTaden became postmaster. Then,on November 26, 1889, another man started to operate the post office. Hename was Wilber Kerns.

On December 7, 1893, there was another new postman by thename of Alfred Ramsey. Then again on March 19, 1896, James McFarlane becamepostmaster the same year rural delivery came into effect. The rural carriersrode horses in the summer time and drove canvas covered wagons in the winter. Some of the wagons had little heaters to keep the men warm.

On March 19, 1896, a new name was given to Fairview. Thename was change to the Humboldt Post Office.

On July 20, 1897, William Dowell became postmaster of theHumboldt Post Office. Then, about nine years later on February 16, 1906,Reuben Matthew became the postman.

August Anderson became the seventh postmaster of the HumboldtPost Office on January 8, 1910. Later in 1912, Village Delivery came intoeffect in larger cities. But Humboldt wasn't big enough to have mailmencarry mail to individual houses.

On March 19, 1918, Pearle Florance became postmaster. Also in 1918, the prices of stamps went up: Local Delivery was 2 cents,Non-Local was 3 cents, and Postal Cards were 2 cents and there was alsoairmail. In 1921, the first transcontinental air mail flight was made. Airmail makes use of airplanes to take mail wherever it has to go.

On September 1, 1929, James Florance became Humboldt'spostmaster. In that year, Airmail was 5 cents for the first ounce and 10cents for each extra ounce.

Then, in September of 1944, John Easter became the tenthpostmaster of the Humboldt Post Office. Also, that year the price of letterswent up to 3 cents for Local Mail and 8 cents for airmail.

The Post Office was in the store at Humboldt so when peoplewent to get their groceries they could also pick up their mail. The PostOffice was in the back of the store. It had a window and rows of post boxesas there is now.

On November 9, 1949, the Post Office was moved to its presentsite. The Post Office had been in the store building since early 1900's. In 1949, a building just for the Post Office was built.

Then on September 9th, 1961, Alfred Rustad, the presentpostmaster, started his job. In 1965, the Zip Code became a very importantpart in mailing letters. In 1964, there came to the 24 hour self-servicePost Office.

On August 12, 1970, President Richard M. Nixon signed aPostal Reorganization Act that meant to set up Post Offices to run likeprivate companies still under government rules. In 1971, the prices ofstamps was changed to the price they are now: First Class 8 cents, Airmail11 cents, and Postal Cards 6 cents.

In the 94 years as Humboldt Post Office, it has been movedfrom three different buildings, it has had twelve different postmastersand has seen the town change from a big village to a little town.


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