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Viva Hildred Lund Hunter


Kendra K. Hunter


6th Grade 1994, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


Viva Hildred Hunter was born on August 27, 1914. It wasthe beginning of World War I. Her birth place was in Lancaster, Minnesotain the upstairs of the house her family was living in at the time.

Viva is the 3rd oldest of ten children. Her older siblingsare Marvin and Doris. Her younger siblings are Orval, Leslie, Lawrence,Opal, Maurice, Merle, and Rodney.

Viva grew up with good Christian values. Honesty, fairness,and truthfulness were very important to her parents. Viva's dad, Otto Lund,was a gentle and compassionate man, but could be stern if the occasion requiredit. He worked as a mail carrier making $200 dollars a month. Viva's motherwas a hard working, caring and generous woman. Her job was to take goodcare of her ten children and her home.

Growing up, the Lund children helped their mother withmany of the household duties. To keep peace between them, Viva alternatedchores with her sister, Doris. They would wash dishes, make beds, cleanthe upstairs, dust, clear the table after meals, iron, and take care ofthe younger kids. In her free time, Viva would read every chance she got,if Doris would let her. She would always want to finish the chapter, butDoris would want her to go somewhere and have fun. She would get tormenteduntil she would quit reading, but she didn't want to miss out on any fun,either.

It was always important to Viva to get a good education. Each classroom in the school had two classes and one teacher. She wouldwake each morning to the sound of her mother's wake-up call, shouting outeach of the kids nicknames. She would get dressed, use the outhouse, andhuddle around the stove until it was her turn to use the wash basin. Hermother would prepare them hot cereal which they had to eat whether theywanted to or not. In the fall and spring, Viva would run home for lunchas all the other children did. In the winter, they would bring their lunchesbecause it was too cold to go home.

Viva was the first child in her family to go to collegewhich she attended for one year. In that year, she received a teachingcertificate. After college, Viva taught rural schools around Kittson Countyfor 7 years. Then she married farmer, Henry Lewis Hunter, on December 7,1940 at the Hallock Covenant Church. Viva then became a farm wife for thenext 31 years. In that time, she had 4 children, a daughter, Virginia,and 3 sons, Kendall, James, and Daniel. Lewis died in 1971. After widowed,she worked as a librarian aid at Lancaster High School for 3 years.. Then,at age 61, Viva attended summer school, taking a course in library science. Since then, she has retired and is still a resident of Lancaster. Shestill has her family around to keep her busy. All her children are stillliving and her family now includes 7 grandchildren, 3 step-grandchildren,and 4 great-grandchildren.


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I respect my grandma very much. I would like to dedicatethis essay to her for her 80th birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma!

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April 22, 1994

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April 22, 1994