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Myron Jans Sr.


Myron Jans Jr.


6th Grade 1998, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


I did my local history story on my dad, Myron Jans Sr.

I did my story on him because he is my favorite person. He was born in a hospital in Harvey, ND. He grew up in a little house3 miles west of Harvey.

When he was 6 years old, he helped his dad on the farma lot. He enjoyed trapping and hunting and he did lots of this when hewas a little boy.

One day his dad got stuck in the tractor so he hopped inthe car and drove to his house, got his mom, and they went back and gotthem. His parents were really proud of him because he was only about 7years old and he could barely reach the gas pedal but he drove.

He was doing really well in school so his parents werereally happy with him. He was also a good boxer because he boxed with hissister a lot.

Then his first year of deer hunting came. He was reallyexcited to get out the first morning. They say a whole bunch of deer inthe field and he shot but missed and they decided to pass them up becausethey were smaller deer and they had about a week left. He never saw anythingthe next six days and he was getting kind of depressed that he missed thedeer on the first day. But then Myron's dad saw he was in a bad mood sohe took him out to a big woods. When they got out there, they saw about6 does but Myron's dad said don't shoot because there's a lot bigger onesin the woods. When they got in the woods, he saw a spike buck but his dadtold him to pass it up because it had a smaller body. Then, when he walkedinto some brush he saw a big eight pointer. He shot one shot but he missedbecause he was so nervous. Then he shot again and the bullet went rightthrough the heart. He was really happy then.

The next summer he started trapping. He got really goodat that and that summer he caught about 125 beavers and about 50 fox. Then,about 1970, he started farming by himself. He had over 100 head of cattleand about 20 horses. He had a new hobby in the summer now. He fished alot on his spare time. then, in 1990, he moved to Orleans, MN because theyturned his farm into an animal habitat place.

I got my information from an interview with my dad, MyronJans Sr.

an interview with my dad, MyronJans Sr.