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My Grandmother

Audrey Joan Johnson


Joel Andersen


6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


My Grandmother, Audrey Joan Johnson, was born July 25,1932 at home in Kennedy, Minnesota. Her parents were Cora and Elof Hanson. She had two sisters and two brothers.

She went to grade school at a country school by Drayton,North Dakota. The only classes they had were reading, writing, and arithmetic. When she was 10 years old, they moved to Hallock, Minnesota and went toschool there. She graduated from the Hallock High School. When she wasin high school, their church choir took a trip to Washington, D.C. by busfor a week. She toured the White House. The president at that time wasTruman. Hubert Humphrey was the Senator and he used Grandma's pen.

Her first job was working at a Nursing Home in Hallock. She would work after school and weekends and during the summers. The nursinghome was owned by a lady and it was like a big house instead of like thenursing homes we have now. When she worked during the summers, which wouldbe every day and weekends, she would only make about $100.00 a month.

After high school, she married Roy Johnson from Lake Bronsonand had four girls. They farmed land and raised chickens and pigs. Afterfive years, they moved to a farm by Hallock. Grandpa got a job with theState Highway Department and Grandma babysat. Grandpa Roy died in 1979while working for the Highway Department.

In 1969, Grandma stated working in the lunch room at theKittson County Courthouse and still works there. She makes good dinnersfor a lot of people that work in the courthouse. She even feeds the prisonersthat are in jail. She has to use plastic forks, knives and spoons whenfeeding them.

Grandma even got to serve Hubert Humphrey when he cameto Hallock for a visit. She served his secret agents lemonade.

After Grandpa died, Grandma remarried Herbert Johnson fromHallock. They now live 7 miles west of Hallock. They went to Las Vegasto get married and didn't tell their kids until they got home.

Grandma bought her first new car when she was 58 yearsold. She went to Thief River Falls with it and hit a deer coming home. Grandma parked it in the yard till the insurance man could come out tolook at it. Grandpa forgot it was there and backed over it with his bigtractor and smashed it. He felt really bad. You could even see the tiremarks on the top of the roof.

Grandma is now driving a new car, and never parks it nextto Grandpa's tractor.

and never parks it nextto Grandpa's tractor.