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Henry Johnson


Nicole Johnson


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


My Grampa Henry Johnson was born in Roseau, MN on April20, 1915. Henry lived in Roseau one year with his parents, two sistersand two brothers. Then after one year in Roseau, he moved to Kittson Countytown of Pelan. With three brothers and two more sisters born in Pelan.

Henry lived in Kittson County seventy seven years on thefarm with his family. All ten kids attended school. The school was twomiles north from where they lived in Kittson County. They would walk toschool before the snow came and when the snow came, they would go to schoolon horse and cutter.

Henry's parents raised cattle, horses, chickens, and sheepfor a living on the farm. The work was very hard to find. In fact, therewas no work, you had to work on the farm.

There was no electricity. They burned wood for heat andcooking. There was no washing machines. His mother had to wash their clothesby hand.

They went to town once a week on horse and buggy. It wastoo hard to go more often. All they would buy in town was coffee, flour,and sugar. The rest they grew on the farm. They stuck their food in abucket down in the well to keep it cold.

Henry and his brothers and sisters would help his fatherfarm the land. They would pitch the hay with pitch forks and leave it outin the field until winter, then they would haul it back on horse and buggy.

How did you get your spending money?

Henry and his brothers and sisters would trap weasels andmink for spending money.

How much money did you get for weasels and mink?

For weasels, they would get about $1.50 but smaller oneswere about 50 cents. And mink were about $9.00.

What did you buy with your spending money?

Henry and his brothers and sisters would buy wool caps,mittens, socks, and stuff to keep warm.

What did you do in school?

They would do mathematics, spelling and pretty much thesame thing we do today.

What would you do for fun?

There was a lady down the road named Dolly. They wouldplay cards for homemade whiskey.

I got this information from Henry Johnson.

T SIZE=+1>I got this information from Henry Johnson.