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Marion Johnson


Marion Johnson


6th Grade 1996, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


Marion Johnson is eighty three years old. She was bornon October 30, 1913 in Minneapolis, Minnesota near Lake Calhoun.

When she was young, her mother and father owned their ownrestaurant. But when her father got really sick, they decided to move uparound Halma, Karlstad, and Lake Bronson, Minnesota. After they moved uparound here, her father had died. Marion, her mother and her brothers andsisters moved back to Minneapolis, Minnesota. While they were in Minneapolis,her mother remarried.

When Marion was about twenty, she moved to Iowa to livewith her sister. In Iowa, she got married. She had three children of herown and three step children. Marion, her husband, and their children movedup north around where her family lived when she was young. Her husband,Henry, passed away about 7 years ago in 1989.

Marion's children now live in Florida; North Dakota; Minneapolisand her step children live in Halma and Karlstad.

When Marion was young she liked school very much. Sheonly had to go to school for eight years. She loved to swim, ride bikeand ice skate. But the thing she liked to do most of all was draw, sketch,and oil paint many beautiful pictures which she still likes to do a lot. Other special events in her life are three trips to Arizona for differentfamily things. Marion really loved Arizona.

Marion has many ancestors. Those ancestors trace backto our second president of the United States, John Adams. He was marriedto one of her father's relatives. John Adams had a son who was our eighthpresident. His name was John Quinsy Adams.

In Marion Johnson's house, she has many family heirloomslike a four hundred year old sugar spoon. She also has a very old nailfile. Both items have been in the family for many years. Marion's motheralso lived to be 104 years old. Her family was also one of the first familiesto have electricity when they lived in Minneapolis.

Marion used to work at Arctic Cat. Before that, she wasone of the first school cooks. She worked as one of the first school cooksin Iowa. She worked one year in Iowa as a school cook and in Minnesotafor two years.

Marion still lives in the house she and her husband, Henry,lived in in Halma, Minnesota.

She is very devoted to her church. She is in the ladiesaid and she makes quilts with the other ladies in her groups.


I got my information from Marion Johnson and my parents.

y information from Marion Johnson and my parents.