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Marvin Johnson


Brandon Wojciechowski


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


On a spring day on April 14, 1929, Marvin Johnson was bornto Henry and Esther Johnson in the Hallock Hospital and lived with one brotherand one sister.

He lived west of highway 59 on a farm which is now partof Halma where his stepmother, Marian, lives now. His chores around thefarm were to milk and feed the cows, feed and pick the eggs from the chickens,but the job he hated the most was to cut head off chickens. Yuck!! Thecrops they grew were grain and potatoes. He had to pick and bag the potatoesby his hands.

He went to school in Halma. The school still stands eastof the railroad tracks. Marvin didn't get to ride on the school bus becausehe lived too close to the school, even though his dad drove it and it wentright by his house. His dad drove his car for a while and he used a horsedrawn sleigh with a kind of house on it with a wood stove to keep warm inwinter. Marvin walked behind the sleigh and caught rides when no one waslooking. The bus driver was also inside and looked through a window. Therewere two holes that the reins went through.

The school had two rooms. The small room, grades 1 - 4,and the big room, grades 5 - 8. They had running water. They even hadboys and girls bathrooms and a playroom or gymnasium. They had to bringtheir own lunches.

The school had a basketball team in Halma. Marvin startedplaying in sixth grade. The scorekeeper was strict when the other teammade a sloppy shot he wouldn't mark it down. Marvin's nickname was DiveBomber Johnson because someone from the other team tripped him and someonefrom the crowd said he looked like a dive bomber. He went to high schoolin Karlstad, grades 9 - 12. He graduated in 1947. Right after he graduated,he joined the army. He was at Fort Knox, Kentucky for basic training for18 months. He spent almost a year in Guam. Guam is a small island andwas in Manila for two weeks for a little R and R (rest and relaxation).

They couldn't get a ride home for two weeks and they wereshort on money so they found a way to make money by selling blood. Marvin'sfriend, Bill, sold too much blood in one day so he was in the hospital overnight.

They were called to the Korean war but they didn't haveto go. Marvin came home from the army.

After a while, Marvin found a job working for construction. He helped pave highway 75 and a road by Wilmar, MN which goes right byWilmar State Hospital. One of the inmates brought the workers a big bushelbasket of apples every day.

Marvin enrolled in Beck Radio School for announcing.

He met a woman named Doris at the Marigold Ballroom. Theydated for three weeks when he bought her a fabulous diamond ring and askedher to marry him. Marvin and Doris got married in Minneapolis.

The radio school found him a job in Hobbs, New Mexico for$40.00 a week but instead he filled out order forms in the stock room forthe S and M Company for 20 years.

Marvin brought their first T.V. home in a streetcar andhe carried it up four flights of stairs. It was 9" round screen andit weighed a ton! They moved to Watertown in 1957. In 1969, they movedto Karlstad above Froberg's Department Store. He went to work for his dadin a gravel pit that now is called Halma Sand and Gravel. Marvin and Dorishave settled down in Halma, MN and live in a house across the railroad tracks.

Marvin was a 9th District Adjutant for five years and aPost Chaplain and he also went to meetings in Louisville, Kentucky; Baltimore,MD; Phoenix, Arizona; and Chicago.

Marvin hunts deer - like this year he got a nice 8 pointbuck and this will be about his 59th year and he got a deer just about oneevery year. Marvin fished for a long time and then he quit after about50 years.

Marvin and Doris have traveled to many different placeslike Hawaii two times, Mexico once, Bahamas once, and they went on a cruiseand they had fun.

Marvin has retired and is a gunsmith which is a hobby forhim. He cleans guns, fixes guns and sells guns.

The End

I got this information from Doris and Marvin Johnson


I got this information from Doris and Marvin Johnson