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My Grandma

Margaret Kasprowicz


Vanessa Larson


6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


I would like to tell you about a very special person inmy life. She is my grandma, Margaret Kasprowicz.

She was born October 10th, 1944 to Helen and Steve Kostrzewski. She was one of 12 children. She had six brothers and five sisters. Shegrew up in Marshall County where her dad farmed and milked cows.

Some of my favorite stories are when they used to makebelieve they had a house in the woods and do canning in great grandma'sgood canning jars. They would put milk weed in the jars and pretend theywere pickles. When great grandma and grandpa would go to town to sell themilk and eggs, they would make homemade candy out of sugar, cocoa and cream.

They all had chores to do. Her's were to help milk thecows and carry wood into the house.

Once they were all in, they helped great grandma with supper. With 14 mouths to feed, there was a lot of bread to bake and potatoes topeel.

After supper, it was time to do homework. Grandma wentto country school up to the 4th grade. The walk to school was about 2 1/2miles. Some days the walk was really fun but if they were too late cominghome, great grandma would make them do extra chores because she know theywere playing in the river and getting their school clothes dirty. Grades5 - 12, she went to Stephen to school where she graduated.

After all the chores and homework were done and it wasnot too late, she would play games with her sisters before bed. When bedtime did come around, she shared a bed with two of her sisters. They hadblankets called featherthicks which were made of goosedown feathers.

They used to heat with wood and by morning the house wouldget pretty cold so the thick blanket kept her and her sisters warm untilgreat grandpa would get the fire started in the morning.

In 1963, she married my grandpa Victor Kasprowicz. Theirfirst home was a trailer that was 10 X 50. It had a kitchen, living room,and two bedrooms and bath. Grandma Margaret and Grandpa Victor had fourchildren. They farmed near Florian. My grandma would do seasonal jobs,like potatoes in the fall. Then in 1985, she started working at the KarlstadNursing Center in Karlstad. She said she really liked working there, butas of this year she changed jobs. Now, she is a cook at the Good Sam. inWarren.

Besides all the work she does at her job, she still hastime for all her crafts. She loves to knit and do fancy work. In the summer,she has a huge garden that my brother and I helped her plant. We thinkthe planting is fun. But Grandma always says, "just think of all thegood things we will get." And, she is right, we like the fresh peasand corn. She always has a lot of flowers too. But, we promised her wewouldn't tell how much money she spends on them. But, it must be a lotbecause she has flowers everywhere.

This is just a little about my grandma. I really thinkmy grandma has had a very interesting life. It is fun to listen to hertell all her stories about growing up. With 11 brothers and sisters, shesaid there was never a dull moment.

I got my information from my grandma.

I got my information from my grandma.