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Elaine Loberg-Kendall


Shannon Clark


6th Grade 1995, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


My grandma's name is Elaine. Her parents were Garda andSevrin Nelson. She has one brother, Jerry, and two sisters, Olive and Marion.

As a child, she lived on a farm about 15 miles from ThiefRiver Falls. She learned to swim in the river that ran right by their house. She went to a little country school that she had to walk to each day.

When she grew up, she moved to Thief River Falls and marriedmy grandpa, Herman Loberg. My grandpa built houses, and they moved fromhouse to house moving into the ones he built. They had two children, Sandy,my mom, who lives in Karlstad, and Peggy, my aunt, who lives in Thief RiverFalls.

My grandma worked as a waitress and cook for many yearsat Dine-A-Mite in Thief River Falls which is now Lon's. After she quitthat, she worked in a jewelry store for many years where she learned tosell and appraise jewelry. She learned how to engrave and repair jewelrytoo. After working at this jewelry store for several years, she quit andopened her own jewelry store, The Fountain of Jewels in Thief River Falls. Her husband died in April of 1983. She then purchased a clothing storecalled Mr. Duanes. Several years later she sold the two stores. She thensold her house in Thief River Falls and moved to Karlstad. When she movedto Karlstad, she took a job as a cook for Lutheran Social Services, whereshe worked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday making nutritious meals for theelderly.

In January of 1992, she married Roy Kendall and that Julythey moved back to Thief River Falls. She is now the manager of a largeapartment building where she does cleaning, painting, yard work, and somerepair work. She is also building several duplex rental units and willmove into one of them next year. For entertainment, she enjoys playingcards, cooking, watching country music videos, and going to the casino andgambling where she is very lucky. She also enjoys cleaning. She and Royhave traveled to the west coast, stopping in Idaho, California, and Texasto visit. They were hoping to travel to Bronson, Missouri, when Roy hada heart attack.

I got my information from this report from my mom, SandyClark.

this report from my mom, SandyClark.