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How It Was Back Then


Jeremy King


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


Some kids had to walk to school, but some other kids hadto ride on the sleigh to get to school because the snow was too deep towalk.

They got $1.50 a week at the age of 13. The school bookswere like Dick and Jane stories and they also had arithmetic books.

They had pencils and paper to use for home work and otherthings.

The pencils were a penny a pencil or a penny for two pencils. They also had pens but they only had ball point pens and they had to dipthe ball point pens to write with.

The thick tablets cost a nickel each and they had woodenrulers.

They made their own bread. They also made butter, cream,milk and they grew their own vegetables.

They had a big school with a bell at the top.

School started at 9:00 to 3:30 and the high school gotout at 4:00.

They had teeter toters, swings, and merry go rounds.

They had crayons, colored chalk and the crayons cost 10cents for a little box and 15 cents for a big box.

If they didn't listen to their teachers they had to goto the principal's office.

They couldn't ride the bus unless they lived over a mileaway and girls couldn't wear pants. They had to wear pants to the houseand at the house for chores.

They had to stay out of the school at recess or they hadto stay after school for an hour.

hadto stay after school for an hour.