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Ellen Elizabeth Klegstad


Kerry Klegstad


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


My grandmother, Ellen Elizabeth Klegstad, was born January5, 1911, to Eleanora and Ephraim Bronson. Ellen was the third child often. Brothers and sisters are: Ethel born in 1906, James born in 1908,Margaret born in 1912, Dale born in 1914, Arthur born in 1916, Kenneth bornin 1918, Floyd born in 1920, Donafae born in 1926, and Walter born in 1929.

Ellen was raised on a farm east of Bronson. The town wasnamed for her grandfather, Giles Bronson. Giles and Maggie homesteadedthe land where the Bronson Lake is now. This place was chosen to be thehalf-way place between Hallock and Pelan. Giles' mother, Elizabeth, wasa cousin to President William Harrison.

Ellen attended Monroe School in Norway township and graduatedfrom Bronson High School in 1931. During high school, she stayed with hergrandmother because it was not so far to walk to school. She helped hergrandmother with the stopping place, washing dishes.

Indians camped near their home. They would dig for snakeroots. Some of the squaws wood ask for milk for their children.

The depression made it hard to find jobs but Ellen wasa housekeeper for her Uncle Walter.

On October 28, 1933, Ellen Bronson married Henry Klegstadat the Eidsvold Church in Halma, MN. They moved to their home in Pelantownship on October 31st, Halloween.

Through the years, Ellen helped with the chores, raiseda big garden, and took care of her home and family. She was a great baker,her home made bread was really good. Anyone who has tasted her doughnutsknows they were the best. With a large family, there was a lot of cookingand baking with extra when there were threshing crews to feed.

Ellen and Henry's family consists of six sons and one daughter. Henry Duane was born in 1934, Norman in 1937, Gerald in 1940, Dale in 1943,my dad, Leslie, in 1944, Robert in 1946, and Elmae in 1948. They all helpedfolks on the farm and all the boys but my dad were in the service. Theyare all married now with families. Family get togethers were like feedinga threshing crew with 22 grandchildren. And now there are 9 great grandchildren. But all of us cousins had a lot of fun together over the years, even includingme even if I was quite a bit younger.

I've been really lucky to spend time with my grandmother,since we lived so close together. Grandma always had Kool-aid and cookiesfor me. Grandpa would come get me a lot and I'd spend time with them whenmy mom and dad were working on the farm. We would play cards with me makingrules to let me win. Grandma and grandpa didn't mind though. Grandma alsotaught me a card game, 52 pick-up but I didn't like that game!

When grandma started having trouble getting around, I evenhelped her do dishes and cooked hot dogs for her. Grandma had a strokein 1988 and she is now in the nursing home. I don't see her as much nowbut, once in a while the family gets together. We celebrated her 80th birthdayin 1991.

together. We celebrated her 80th birthdayin 1991.