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Norman Klegsted


Justin Clow


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


Norman Klegsted, my grandfather, was born at GreenbushHospital May 15, 1937 to Henry and Ellen Klegsted.

He was raised on a cattle and grain farm in Northern Minnesotathat his dad bought from his uncle Andrew Klegstad in 1933.

At about age 2 or 3 years old, Norman and his older brotherwere playing in some cold well water and got pneumonia and ended up in theRoseau Hospital. All he can remember is looking out the window at the hospitalwaiting for his mom and dad to pick him up.

One day when Norman was a little older, he drank kerosenethat his mom used for a cooking stove. A neighbor was over with a teamof horses and he saw what happened. Then he jumped up on one of his horsesto go to a telephone 2 miles away to get a doctor. Then, the horse stumbledin a hole and threw him. Then he was chipped up. The rest of the summernobody seemed to remember this too much except the neighbor but everybodymust have lived through it.

One of the places Norman and his brothers used to playwas on top of the threshing machine. His great uncle stored it in his shedon a farm.

When Norman was 6 years old, he started school in Halma. The school had 2 rooms and 8 grades. When he went to school, there wasalways work to be done at home. Norman's brother fed the cows and sheepand his jobs were to carry in the small split wood for the cook stove andbig wood for the heating stove. At milking time, they all went out to milkthe cows by hand.

When they got done milking, they would load the milk canson the sleigh and some boys would pull and some would hold the cans on thesleigh and pull it to the house. They put the milk through the separatorand separated the cream from the milk. Norman's dad took the cream to townto sell at a creamery. The milk was used to feed the calves and pigs.

In the winter, Norman would hunt rabbits with a singleshot 22 rifle and trapped weasels. He would skin them and curl the hideon a carved out shingle and mailed them to Sears Roebuck and got $1.00 to$4.00 for each one.

After graduating from high school in Karlstad, he wouldwork on farms in the Red River Valley. The first summer that fall he wenteast to cut pulp wood with a low saw.

In the middle of the winter, he switched places with hisdad. He took care of the cattle at home and his dad went out east to cutsome pulp wood.

The next day he went to Thief River Falls and enlistedin the Navy Sea Base. First, they sent Norman to Fargo, North Dakota andthere wasn't hardly any snow there. From there, he went to Illinois, California,Philippines, Kwashin, and Okinawa. After 4 years without seeing any snowexcept the movies, he was sure glad to get back to Northern Minnesota.

From - Norman Jerome Klegstad, Karlstad, MN

NT SIZE=+1>From - Norman Jerome Klegstad, Karlstad, MN