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Marie Kohl


Jennifer Rutz


6th Grade 1994, Hallock / Kennedy School,Kennedy, MN


Let me tell you about some things that my Great-GrandmaKohl did when she was young.

My Great-Grandma was born on September 22, 1912 near Brainerd,MN. She wasn't born in a hospital like most people these days, but shewas born at home and delivered by a mid-wife.

My Great-Grandma and her family lived on a farm with manyanimals, including two Shetland ponies and also a Model T Ford with no windows.

Great-Grandma Kohl had three brothers and three sisters. Their names were Irene, Phyllis, Margorie, Francis, Jack and Ray. Hermother and father's names were Fred Engelheart and Josaphine Engelheart(Fallan).

Some things that they had were a wood kitchen range (woodstove), an ice box, and an outhouse.

In 1926, when she was fourteen and in the eighth grade,she had to drop out of school because her mother, 38, died of blood poisoningfrom a miscarriage. Their youngest child was 2. Their oldest was 18.

The family had the funeral at home. The open casket wasinside the house and two people had to sit up all night by the body formourning for three or four days. One of the strict rules for mourning wasthat everyone in the family had to mourn for a whole year.

After Great-Grandma Kohl's mother died, she had to lookafter the house. Her older sister, Irene, got married and left her in charge. Great-Grandma Kohl had to do the cooking, cleaning, washing and everythingelse.

When she cooked, she had to use the ice box, because theydidn't have a refrigerator.

One time she baked cookies with 10 cups of sugar and 10cups of flour. Great-Grandma Kohl had to throw them out because she couldn'tdo anything with them.

In 1930, when Great-Grandma Kohl was 18 years old, shemarried Edward Kohl. She had to move to Fort Ripley. Her husband was afarmer.

When Great-Grandma Kohl was 19 years old, she had her firstbaby. Unlike her mother, her children were born in a hospital. She namedher first child, a boy, William Fred Kohl.

When Great-Grandma Kohl's children were in school, shestarted working. She worked as a clerk for Ben Franklin, then as a floormanager, then, F.W. Woolworth took over Ben Franklin, so, Great-GrandmaKohl worked as a cashier and bookkeeper for F.W. Woolworth. She worked26 years in all.

My Great-Grandma Kohl is still alive now, and is stillliving in her own house. I love her very much.


This information was gotten from my Great-Grandma MarieKohl of Little Falls, MN.

gotten from my Great-Grandma MarieKohl of Little Falls, MN.