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Mary Ann Kothe


Becky Karol


On February 2, 1894 in Granville Township the daughterof John and Flora Kothe was born. They named this beautiful baby Mary Ann. Mary's family was made of three boys, Charley, Raymond, Wesley, and twogirls, Sadie and Mary.

As a young child, Mary's hobbies were planting and caringfor flowers, and cooking. She liked to bake cookies, cake, and bread. Sheliked to sew. She sewed quilts and other beautiful things.

Before each school day, she would wake very early and feedthe cows and other animals, and then she would make breakfast for her dad. She walked two miles to school.

As Mary grew up she had a very sad experience. In 1903,her mother died. Mary was only nine but she had to learn to cook, takecare of the kids, and clean house. At the age of 10 her family moved toRichardville township.

At Richardville, she met a boy named John Turner, withwhom she fell in love. On November 12, 1913, Mary and John were married. They gave life to five children who they named, Lester, Gordon, Dale, Raymond,and Flora.

Mary and John are very lucky for right now they have twentygrand children and 2 great grandchildren.

One of Mary's pleasures is baking, although she cannottaste her food, for she is a diabetic. But she hears very good complimentsfrom her husband, friends, and relatives. They say she is a very good baker.

Mary is very lucky, for if her husband is not going hunting,he will help her with her housework, such as wiping dishes and sweepingsome floors.

In the summer they grow the prettiest flowers in the townand have the loveliest garden. But when John goes hunting he does it formeat, so if the garden does not grow they can have nourishing food. IfJohn comes home with nothing, Mary does not get mad, for she hopes the gardenwill grow very well.

John and Mary care very much for animals. They have raiseddogs and now have a dog named Tiny. They are starting to raise hamstersand are teaching them tricks. But if they know they are not happy wherethey are, they will let them go or sell them to someone else who has hamsters.

When Mary cannot take care of her garden, she is usuallysewing something in the house or baking.

Right now Mary and John live in St. Vincent Township. They are very happily married and are very proud of their grandchildrenand great grandchildren.


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