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Emil Kuznia


Kyle Kuznia


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


I interviewed my most awesome, coolest Grandpa, Emil Kuznia. He is my dad's (Rodney's) Dad. Grandpa Emil was born on May 22, 1925 inthe Wright township, Marshall County, Minnesota.

Grandpa Emil is now 67 years old. My Dad (Rodney) is GrandpaEmil's oldest son of four. I'm Grandpa Emil's second grandchild but 1stgrandson. Grandpa Emil's parents were Michael and Bridget (Zakyewski) Kuzniaand nine in his family were his brothers, Albert, Stephen, Ira, Mike Jr.,and sisters Melany, Philomal, Rosalia, and Veronica.

Grandpa Emil attended Florian grade school which was acountry school that he walked 3 miles to. But, before and after school,he had to milk cows and some other chores. Grandpa Emil had lots of freshwarm milk when he was younger. The cattle kept the barn warm.

Grandpa graduated from Stephen High School with the classof 1943. While in grade one of country school, Grandpa Emil attended andserved mass daily at the Florian Assumption Catholic Church. Also, on theway to mass, he would deliver milk and cream to the parish pastor as itwas needed.

When Grandpa Emil was growing up, there was no power orlights or bathroom - just out houses. When they got done eating, they sataround the table and did homework. When Christmas came, they had Christmasplays and when they finished they got apples instead of candy.

They didn't have fresh meat because they put turkey andsome other things in a box and put snow on it.

One year he got to play football and when he got to playit was 6 man and when he went to a basketball game he had to walk 12 miles. When my Grandpa for 25 cents but he didn't get paid because he got to watchthe show free and get free popcorn. And he never had toys when he was younger. And when he went to dances, the parents went with. Emil enjoys all sportsand likes hunting. He played baseball with the Florian team in the late1940's. Grandpa Emil worked on the family farm with his Dad (Mike) andbrothers.

In 1949, Grandpa Emil started farming in partnership withhis brother, Ira, raising small grains and potatoes.

June 10, 1952 Grandpa Emil married Florence Donarski (myGrandma). My Grandparents made their home in Sinnot township. They havefour sons, Rodney, Gregory, John and Douglas. My Dad, Rodney, is the onlyson that is married and to Joyce Pawlowski. Rodney and his brothers, Gregoryand John have taken over the family farm operation which includes largebeef herd.

The last several years Grandpa and Grandma enjoyed thewinter months in Bullhead City, Arizona where a lot of their friends goto enjoy the weather, playing cards, visiting, and a little gambling untilearly spring when they return home.

Grandpa Emil had a heart attack! They are staying closeto home and their loved ones. In the summer, Grandpa Emil loves to helpwith the farm work. He brings me with to keep him company or help movefrom one field to another field. Grandpa loves to spend time at his cabinby the Old Mill State Park. We do gopher trapping, make trails in the woods,put up bird houses, watch deer, moose, roast marshmallows over an open fire,and play frisbee just getting to know one another, me and my awesome Grandpa

ust getting to know one another, me and my awesome Grandpa