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Nettie Kuznia


Tarek Hjelle


6th Grade 1995, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


When Nettie Donarski was growing up, she had two brothersand four sisters.

When she was around ten years old, she had to help herdthe cows and milk them, pump water for the cattle and the house, and carryit there by hand, and work in the field with horses. Like making hay, workingup the field for grain. When harvest came, she had to cut grain with atractor and a binder and do the shocking by hand.

When she was twelve or thirteen, she had to clean the barn,carry wood in for fires and for heat. For excitement, she played baseballwith all her neighbors and some cousins. In the winter, her mom, DorothyDonarski, and her dad, Nick Donarski, and her brothers and sisters wentice skating on the pond which was for cattle.

When she was fifteen, she went to Stephen High School forone year. After that, she went to dances with her friends on weekends.

When she turned sixteen, she started dating. Her firstdate was a French man. At age eighteen, she started dating her husband. Two years later they got married on June 27, 1950.

In 1951, they had a baby girl they named Henrietta andwere living on a farm which didn't have running water or electricity. Intwo years they had electricity put in but no running water and a wood stovefor cooking.

In a year and two months, Nettie Kuznia and Floyd Kuzniahad a son by the name of Jerry. Two years later, they had a baby girl bythe name of Dorothy. One year and a half later, they had a baby girl thatthey named Karen. In three years, they had a baby boy and named it Mike. Four years later, they had a boy named Kevin. Five years later, they hada girl named Kimberly and then in a year and a half they had a girl namedGarnette. They are still living today.

I got my information from Nettie Kuznia

my information from Nettie Kuznia