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James Lowell Laager


Richard Laager

6th Grade 1998, LancasterSchool, Lancaster, MN

I interviewed my father, James Lowell Laager, for my localhistory essay. He was born in Louisa, Virginia on October 23, 1945. As achild, he lived in Virginia and then Calumet, Minnesota.

He attended elementary school in Calumet, junior high inBovey, Minnesota, and high school in Coleraine, Minnesota. After high school,he went on to Bemidji State College where he was going to major in musicbut changed his mind and majored in teaching. After he graduated from collegein 1969, he moved to Poplar, Montana where he started work as a teacher.For the first six years, he taught on an Indian Reservation in Montana.

In 1974, he married Linda Ewen of Trout Creek, Montana.The following year, they moved to Lancaster, Minnesota so that he couldbe closer to his relatives. They lived in town until 1983, when they movedto a house in Poppleton township. At the age of forty, he became a father,when I came into this world on March 31, 1986. Three years later, my sister,Alicia, was born.

My father has always loved competition and sports. In highschool, he loved to play hockey. He played in many big games, includinga Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament. then later, he startedplaying baseball. He played in the Minnesota State Class B Baseball Tournament.As an adult, he played softball - fast pitch and slow pitch. Softball wasa sport that he played really well. He played in the Moose Club MinnesotaState Slow Pitch Tournament, a fast pitch softball team that won the MontanaState Championship, and he played on a local team that won many league championships.After he retired from softball, he started to play golf. He was splendidin that too. Just last year, he won the Lancaster Golf League Tournament.There was one other sport that he played and that was bowling. Althoughhe didn't play that as much as the other sports, he still won team championships.

He is involved with many competitions besides sports. Becausehe is a math teacher, he takes teams to math contests. Those teams havedone extremely well with many teams placing in the top 3. Also, individually,the students have done quite well.

One other thing that he loved to do was build and racesnowmobiles. He built 4 snowmobiles that won the World Championship, and2 that hold world speed records. He also won the Canadian Modified DragRacing Snowmobile title 3 years in a row.

Many things helped him do all of those things. For racing,the people that helped him the most were the Wahl brothers of Greenbush.As for sports, it was his own dedication to excellence - and practice.

Believe it or not, Jesse James stopped at his great-grandmother'shouse to get a drink of water.

Well, that is about it on this interesting man.


I got my information from an interview with James Laager.

nformation from an interview with James Laager.