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R. H. Lapp: Third Oldest Man Of St. Vincent


Susan Anderson

Sixth Grade


It was a calm day in 1901. Everything was still until thecry of a newborn baby was heard. Richard Hillard Lapp Jr. was born, seventy-fouryears ago, in St.Vincent, Minnesota. His parents were Mary Ellen and RichardH. Lapp Sr. He was the second born of five children, Winifred, Richard,Samuel, Pat, and Helen.

Mr. Lapp never did much traveling when he was young. Sometimesthe local Great Northern train came down from Crookston, he would ride itto Hallock or Humboldt. Every summer the whole family took the CanadianPacific Railway from Emerson, Manitoba, to the Winnipeg Beach for one day.Mr. Lapp and his friends would play baseball or go swimming in the Red Riverof the North.

In the winter he and all of the other children of St.Vincentwould make a rink on the railroad property where they would play hockey.They didn't have any hockey equipment, so for shin guards, they would userolled up magazines tied around their legs. Mr. Lapp would go sliding withfriends on the river hill until almost frozen.

He got his education at St.Vincent Elementary School, PembinaHigh School, and one year of advanced education at Macalester College.

Mr. Lapp's hobbies are hunting, fishing, curling, and reading.He likes to hunt and watch sports on television the most. He has spent sixof his seventy-four years living in Winnipeg. He has four children and elevengrandchildren. He worked for the U.S. Customs until retirement in 1965.

His fondest memory is of hunting with his father as a youngboy when prairie chickens were plentiful. His only future plan is to enjoylife. Mr. Lapp still lives in St. Vincent with his wife Lillian.


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