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My Grandpa Walfred

Walfred John Larson


Katy Larson


6th Grade 1998, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


My grandpa's name is Walfred John Larson but people callhim Wally. He was born at home in Marshall County, Minnesota on August19, 1928. His parents were Bertha and Carl Larson. Carl was 17 when hecame from Sweden to Minnesota with his sister Lisa who was to meet her husbandwho had already come before. He met Bertha Holmstom who he married in 1918. Wally was the third child to be born. He had two older sisters named Emphrieand Mildred, or Millie, who have died.

My grandpa grew up in West Valley Township in the countryand went to a small country school called Oakridge. It was 2 1/4 milesfrom where he lived. He had to walk to school and he was the only personin his grade. They had a wood stove to heat the school room and broughttheir own lunches everyday to school. there were fourteen students in thewhole school. He had a different teacher every year. When he finishedhis 8th grade year, his dad died so he couldn't go to high school and hehad to work.

My grandpa Wally started farming in 1940 when he was 12years old. They used tractors. The main crops were oats, wheat, flax,winter flax, and barley.

My grandpa like to swim and went swimming with his friends. When he was seventeen years old, he started a job of life guarding at theOld Mill State Park near Argyle.

On April 14, 1949, he got married to Esther Phyllis Ericksonat Bethel Lutheran Church in Karlstad. A year after they got married, Esthergave birth to a baby girl. They named her Shelia. Then after 2 years,they had another baby girl named Ginger. Their third and last child wasa boy named Wayne who is my dad.

My grandpa then did woods work which was cutting down andhauling trees from where he lived to other towns with a semi to railroadcars. The trees were sent to lumber companies and paper mills. Next, hegot a job working for his brother-in-law working on a harvest brigade. The whole family including the children went down south custom combiningfor three years.

First, they went to Oklahoma, then Texas, Kansas, Nebraska,and finally came home to Minnesota to combine. They lived in a trailerhouse and got to meet other families and their children.

Wally started working for Land 'O' Lakes Turkey ProcessingPlant in 1959 and continued there for 20 years. His job was to hire thetrucks and men to bring the turkeys to Thief River Falls to the processingplant. After quitting Land 'O' Lakes Company, my grandpa and my dad farmedtogether for a while but he has now retired.

My grandpa Wally is a substitute bus driver for Tri-Valleywhich is mostly a bus for senior citizens and is also used for special trips. He also is a substitute driver for "Abra" which takes train engineersfrom Noyes to Thief River Falls and sometimes to and from Detroit Lakes.

My grandpa is supposed to be retired but he is still verybusy. He collects different kinds of traps and knows a lot about them. He goes to auction sales to find them.

Bibliography: I got my information from my grandma andgrandpa Larson.

grandma andgrandpa Larson.