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Vance Edwin Lefrooth


Zachary Pettis

6th Grade 1997, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota

Written in my grandfather's words:

It was tough times. I lived in the depression. My dadtold me he didn't know when the next meal was going to come. We lived ona farm and I had to walk 1 mile and 1/2 to get to school.

In the winter time, my dad made skis for us and we skiedall the way to school. We missed a lot of days because it was so cold. It was the coldest day of the year, even on record. It was in 1936 andI was only seven years old.

We went to Sunnyside school in 1921. The school was verysmall. Old buses came and picked us up for school.

We played lots of very creative games. We played hideand go seek, we also played a game called steal the sticks. It is whereyou have ten kids on a team and ten sticks on each side. The objectiveof the game was to get all the sticks from the other person's pile. Wealso played softball and we were very good at it. It was a very fun gameand still is.

We did fairly well in our classes. We usually went toschool until first grade high which would be ninth grade.

I went to work with potato pickers and also worked forsome farmers. In 1940, me and my brother, Verne, were potato picking champions. They held this in Karlstad, MN. The way it worked was there were two peopleon each team and you would compete against each other team to see who picksthe most potatoes over a time period.

In 1946, my brother, Vernie, and I got enough money tobuy our own farm. I was only 17 years of age.

On the farm, we milked cows by hand, cut wood in the woodswith an axe, pumped water from a well, and carried it back to the house. We cleaned the barns, fed hay to the cows and had lots of responsibilities.

My hobbies now are fishing and hunting. I'm great at huntingdeer. I won the buck contest 2 years. I've shot many deer in my life. I would say about 200 on an average. When we hunted in gangs, our gangwouldn't get anything as long as I was with. I've also shot four moose.

We went to Sweden in 1978 and also in 1981. We took alongyour mom, Vanette, your uncle, Vince Jr., your aunt Margaret and your uncle,Pete.

The slow English men would drive on the wrong side of theroad. Sweden has about the same weather as Minnesota. Sweden has a waydifferent government. If you think Americans pay taxes, you should paythem in Sweden. There's no country like America.

I have been living in Strandquist at the mayor, with mywife, Adrienne.

I still go work in the fields but there really isn't anythinglike the "good old days."

isn't anythinglike the "good old days."