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My Grandfather

Charles George Levenhagen


Michael Braget


6th Grade 1996, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


My grandfather, Charles Levenhagen, was born July 3, 1927,in Allamakee County, Iowa.

He lived on a farm that had about 52 acres of land space.It was a small farm. His dad built a barn on the farm. They had a littlecreek that ran through the pasture. His family went swimming and fishing.He had five brothers and three sisters. He had one sister older that him.He had little fun and a little hard time because it was during the depressionand people didn't have much. There was a lot of work to do at home. Everythingwas hand work and they only had one team of horses.

He went to a country one room school that was about twomiles from his home. One teacher taught all eight grades. He said he neverreally liked school that much. At one time, there were fourteen childrenat the school that were all Levenhagens. For that, they were in Ripley'sBelieve It Or Not. But there were usually about twenty kids in the school.The first teacher they had lived about a half a mile from the school. Ona cold winter day, she would have somebody go and start a fire for her.

When he lived in Iowa, he went hunting and trapping a lot.He would hunt many things like squirrels and rats.

His neighbor had a fox hound and they would take it outand hunt fox. That was their entertainment back then. Because, if they weregoing to play a ball game, they would play in school. The only game theywould play was softball. There was no basketball except for big high schools.

Everyday, before he went to school, he would check histraps on his trapline. He would trap things like skunks and raccoons.

He would never skin any. He would freeze the bodies andbring them to a guy that lived about three miles away. He would use thebodies for grease. For a good coon, he would maybe get fifty cents. He wouldsave the money or his dad would take it if he needed it.

When he was a kid, he would do a lot of outdoor activitiesbesides hunting and trapping. He and some of his brothers and sisters wouldget some sleighs and go sleighing. He said "funny no one got hurt".Because they would pick a day when the snow was just melting so it was niceand slick. He said that you would go pretty fast down those hills. Otherwise,he and his brothers and sisters would go swimming in the creek. Which, ona warm day, you would freeze your tail off.

On Christmas of 1946, his family ended up in Donaldson,MN where they only spent one year. In 1947, his family bought a farm justa little north of Lake Bronson, MN. They were going to go to Canada butit was just after WWII and they didn't want that much labor in Canada. Heworked for about 3-4 other people before joining the service.

Now, about when he was in the service. He was enjoyinga regular day when he went and got the mail. He was surprised when he founda slip of paper in the mail that said "You're in the army now"and that was it. When he started out he was in Indiana. Then he was sentto Georgia and then he took a real big boat over to Korea where he foughton the front lines. There was no fun there because you did not get muchsleep, if any at all, because you would have to fight and there was no wayout of it. You fought or you got killed.

When he was there, the troops were not doing the greatest.When his time was up, he left, but some of the higher rank men were notso lucky. They had to stay because they needed the troops. This way, althoughyou don't hear much about it was a big war. Lots of men were dying of thingsbesides war and in the war they lost even more.

He got back from the service in 1952. He took his brother'scar back because he took that down to the dock to get on the boat. He broughtthat to Minneapolis and bought a new rifle, picked up his brother, and wenthome for deer season.

When he got back home, he bought the farm from his dadand started to be a beef, dairy, and crop farmer. He married Ardyce Petersonand had three kids: Richard, Arnita, and Evonne Levenhagen. When Richardwas old enough, he took over the dairy section of the farm. Charles livesnow with his wife still on the farm with beef cattle and crops. His hobbiesinclude, fishing, collecting guns, and hunting. He is now at the age of68.


I got all of my information from my grandfather, Charles.

I got all of my information from my grandfather, Charles.