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The Life of Lyle


Justin Tuziw


6th Grade 1995, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


2nd Place

Kittson County Historical Society GenealogyContest


My cousin, Lyle, was born November 24, 1942 at the hospitalin Minnesota in Kittson County and raised in Augsburg Township, MarshallCounty. There were 6 kids in his family. He had 1 older brother and 4younger sisters, but his older brother died. Lyle is the oldest now. Hismom and dad farmed for a living. They raised milk cows, chickens, and 3or 4 pigs. They had 6 cats and 1 dog. The dog's name was Pal. Lyle'sparents farmed with John Deere tractors. They cut their lawn with powerlawn mowers.

When he first started driving tractors, he was 9 yearsold. They didn't have to push any trees down for more farm land.

They had electricity in 1948, when they built their newhouse. They had radios, telephones, but no T.V.'s until 1957. They hada wringer washer but no clothes dryer. They hung clothes lines outsideto dry clothes in the summer and hung clothes line inside down in the basementto dry clothes in the winter.

He had few toys and little time to play with them. Hewent to bed at 9:00 p.m. and got up at 6:30 a.m. in time for school. Hewent to a country school about 1 mile from home. He sometimes had to domorning chores with his dad before school.

They had sports in school, like softball, which Lyle played. He played all positions. He didn't play an instrument. Lyle's gradeswere poor.

Science was his favorite subject. His favorite teacherwas Mrs. Paulson. After school, he worked out in the fields and milkedcows.

They had an oil furnace to heat the house so Lyle didn'thave any wood to carry in or chop down.

They didn't have any snowcats until 1969. That year theybought a used 1966 snowcat and it didn't go too fast.

They had a Plymouth car and Ford pickups. There was noair conditioning but there was a heater.

Lyle was never scared of the dark. I told him that I'mscared of the dark and I hate it when I forget to feed my dog and my mommakes me go out in the dark and feed him. I always take a flashlight withme.

It was hard to school for Lyle and he had lots of homework. He got in a little bit of trouble in school and at home.

He was 18 before he got his first pair of glasses. Hewas 14 when he first went hunting and the gun he used was a 300 lever actionsalvage rifle and got a buck. The first bird he shot was a grouse. Thevery first gun he ever pulled the trigger on was a BB gun. The first gunI ever shot was a 22 gun. My dad set up a target for me and he helped meshoot and I barely hit it, but I did.

Lyle comes over just about every Sunday and disturbs mydad's nap and then usually stays for supper. He is always telling us storiesabout when he was young. He isn't married and probably never will be. He always tells my mom that his wife can't cook this good - but he reallydoesn't have a wife.

I really enjoy Lyle because we have fun together. He takesme to auction sales and to Winger to the Sales Barn.

This is the reason I made this report on Lyle because heis wonderful, caring, loving and funny.


That's my cousin!

I got my information from my cousin Lyle.


I got my information from my cousin Lyle.