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Axel Lindegard


Leanna Lindegard

6th Grade 1998, KittsonCentral School, Kennedy, MN

Honorable Mention

Kittson County Historical Society genealogyessay contest - 1998


I have chosen to write about my great-great grandfather,Axel Lindegard. He was born in Askerson, Nerke, Sweden in 1862. He cameto America in 1888. He spent a year in Chicago, then moved to Minneapolis,and then on to Hallock in 1889. The town of Hallock was 6 years old at thetime and only had 275 people. Axel was very interested in the history ofKittson County, so he wrote a book called "In By-gone Days and in Ours."The book is 6 inches thick and still belongs to our family. The first halfof the book is written in Swedish.

In 1891, he purchased a mercantile business with his brother,John, and it became known as The Lindegard Brother's General Store. It featured30-40 different brands of imported and domestic tobacco, fine china, andpottery from England, France, Denmark and Ireland, also, dry goods, hardware,and groceries. He operated the store for 45 years until 1936.

Hilda Lindstrom was on the same boat as Axel when theycame from Sweden. She stayed in New York while Axel moved west to Minnesota.They communicated only through mail for 4 years. Then in 1892 they decidedto get married. They met in Crookston and got married on June 3, 1892. Earlier,when he decided they were to be wed, Axel secretly worked and made a homeabove his store. The day after their wedding, they moved into their new"home." Hilda thought that Hallock was a quiet town after livingin New York. She also noticed that there were few women in the area.

In 1914, they built a house on the north edge of Hallock.Axel loved to collect things. Our family has the Swedish pewter that hebrought with him on the boat, some dating back to the 1700's. He markedand dated every piece.

Two sons, Henry and Arnold "Bruno" were bornto Axel and Hilda. Bruna moved to California. Henry lived in Hallock andwas involved in business and farming. He was my great-grandfather and diedin 1973, 12 years before I was born. Henry and Frances (Jackson) Lindegardhad 3 children, Jerry of Hallock, Mary Ann Petersburg of Kennedy, and JanetVeldhuizen of Seminole, Florida.

Jerry married Lois Younggren and they had 4 sons, Richard,Robert, David and Joel.

David, my dad, married Julie Cameron and had 3 children.Michael David, born in 1977, Janna Leigh, born in 1980, and me, Leanna Jane,born in 1985. We live in the house that Axel and Hilda built!

An article from the Wednesday, July 1, 1942 edition ofthe Kittson County Enterprise states:

"Mr. and Mrs. Axel Lindegard are among this county's most prominent people and their lives have been closely associated with the earlier pioneer era in this county. The editor of this paper who came to this section in 1869 has long known Mr. Lindegard and has regarded him as possibly the best informed living person today in reference to the early settlement years of this region. He is exceptionally well informed and has recorded a history of his own relating to this region that is extensive and complete."

ion that is extensive and complete."