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George Lindstrom


Corey Berberich


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


I am interviewing my Mother's uncle. He was born in 1928in Marshall County. He had 6 sisters. His parents settled on a farm northof Karlstad where he grew up. He had to do chores before going to school.He had to milk cows by hand. He went to school in a one room school calledthe Beaten School three miles away.

There was only one teacher for eight grades. They hadno bathrooms and had to use an outhouse. The school had a wood stove toheat the school. They also had a well for drinking out of. They couldn'tride the bus to school. They either walked or their dad would give thema ride in the car.

Then, on Saturday, it was a trip to town for supplies andbring in the cream to sell at the store with the horses and bobsled, soldthe cream and bought groceries.

In 1951, he was drafted into the army with 3 months basictraining.

He worked for a farmer for 15 years.

In 1951, he got married to Joan. Then in 1970, they movedto Embarrass, MN. There he worked at the Erie Mining Company, Hoyt Lake,MN. He had to run heavy equipment like a pettel car operator until retiredin 1990.

He moved back to Karlstad on the farm where he grew up.

He enjoys fishing, hunting, and trapping as hobbies.

He mounted some of the animals that he has hunted or trapped. He has a big black bear rug that weighed 310 pounds dressed, 1 fox, 2 bobcats, and an 8 point buck which he got with a bow and arrow.

Last fall, he had a heart problem in December. He hada triple by-pass in Dakota Hospital in Fargo, ND. Now, he has good healthagain. He had a good time in the hospital. He is looking forward to deerhunting. In his fur shed he has skins hanging to dry. He has 11 fox, 6coyote and ready for market.

There are moose and deer in their yard every day.

He said, "Retired Life is Great!" No boss ortime clock to punch.

I got my information from my Mom's uncle, George Lindstrom.

ation from my Mom's uncle, George Lindstrom.