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Joan Lindstrom


Wayne Voth


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


A Minnesota Resident


Joan Lindstrom, age 59 and a Norwegian, was born at homein Springbrook Township, Kittson County, MN. She was born on September1, 1934 (her father's birthday). While growing up, Joan lived on a farmwith her parents, two brothers and two sisters north of Karlstad.

Joan's parents were Carl and Helga. Helga was born ona farm near Newfolden, MN. Helga was one of sixteen children. Carl wasborn in Reynolds, ND. Carl was one of seven children. After Helga andCarl were married, they lived north of Karlstad, MN. Helga worked as ahousewife and mother. Carl farmed, worked under the WPA program buildingroads and also worked on water lines by Kennedy, MN.

Joan started school in a one room schoolhouse known asBeaton School. There was one teacher that taught all grades. In thosedays, she walked one and a half miles one way to school. After Beaton Schoolclosed in 1945, Joan and her sister were picked up by bus and started attendingschool in Karlstad. Joan attended first through eighth grade.

In 1951, at the age of 17, Joan married George LindstromJr. of Karlstad. During the early years of marriage, Joan and George touredthe California / Nevada area for six months. Joan and her husband movedto North Dakota and worked for a farmer for fifteen years. While in NorthDakota, Joan also worked at Borden Flakes, Grafton for ten years.

In 1970, they moved to Embarrass, MN. They bought a homeand settled down. Joan's husband worked for Erie Mining Company. Joanfound a job working in the Arrow Shirt Factory, Gilbert, MN for ten years. She also was a Tupperware dealer for five years and a manager for Tupperwarefor seven years. After she quit selling Tupperware, she became a Tri-Chemdealer and worked three years at a development center for handicapped people. At the development center, she was a supervisor.

Due to health reasons, Joan retired early in life. Shefound arthritis and hip deterioration was causing her much pain. She hadto have both hips replaced two years apart.

Her husband, George, retired from the mines after 21 years. So, they moved back to Karlstad and settled on the farm Joan was raisedon. Since they moved back, the house has been remodeled to make it morecomfortable and larger.

Joan enjoys hunting and fishing. She looks forward todeer hunting every fall. She also goes with her husband on his trap lineevery fall. She takes pictures of the animals in his traps. Then she putsthem in a photo album to keep.

Almost every day there is a doe and a fawn in her yard.Occasionally, there is a moose that walks between the well and the house.

Joan is of the Lutheran faith and active in the church. She is secretary of the church council and a member of the ladies aid. She sews quilt tops at home for church mission. Then in February she meetswith other ladies at the church to finish the quilts and tie them. Thequilts are boxed up and sent overseas.

Joan and George have no children. Joan has a pair of rabbitsand also they have a small dog, Brandy, that goes everywhere with them.

Joan is happy living back in the Karlstad area. She nowlives closer to her sisters. Her parents and both brothers have passedaway.

All the information in my report on a Minnesota residentwas supplied to me in an interview. I interviewed Joan Lindstrom of Karlstad,MN.

me in an interview. I interviewed Joan Lindstrom of Karlstad,MN.