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Marcelyn Lefrooth Lindstrom


Dionne Lindstrom


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


My Grandmother, Marcelyn, was born June 16, 1932. Shelived in a house south of Strandquist. She has two brothers. Her mom diedwhen she was only three. Her father remarried so she then had 3 brothersand 2 sisters.

In 1932, Charles Lindberg's baby was kidnapped. AmeliaEarhart flew across the Atlantic Ocean solo. Franklin Roosevelt becamepresident.

In 1948, electricity came to farmers which was really usefulback then and still is now. Her family remembers the lamps they used. Kerosene and gas.

They used sad irons to iron their clothes. They were heatedon the stove. The eighteenth of January was always special for her andtheir family. They would always make coffee ice cream and have family andfriends over.

She started working when she was thirteen. She baby satfor five dollars a week. Then, the next year she worked in a restaurantfor twenty-five dollars a week.

She got married in the year 1950 at the age of eighteen. She married my grandfather, Morris V. Lindstrom. They lived in Chicagofor a year or so and then moved back here. Grandma worked at Artic Catas a welder for a while. They had four children. When they were grownup, she went back to school and became a nurse. She now works locally atthe Karlstad Memorial Hospital as a LPN. She plans to retire next yearand then spend most of her time in Phoenix, Arizona, a place they have beenmany times before. They enjoy going there to see Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Loisand just to get away from everything.

I got this information from Marcelyn Lindstrom.

mation from Marcelyn Lindstrom.