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July 5, l904 was a very happy day for the proud parentsof Eva Christine Grumbo. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. Norman Grumbo ofRobin, Minnesota. She came from a family of four brothers and one sisterbesides herself. She was raised on a farm with her brothers and sisters.Their farm wasn't a big farm but they raised mostly cattle on the farm.She went to country schools up to the eighth grade with her brothers andsisters. Her parents moved to Pembina, North Dakota in 1917 when she wasin the middle of the eighth grade so she had to finish it in Pembina. Thereshe had to make different friends and leave the old ones behind. She thenfound odd jobs to work on until she met Frank Gardener.

Frank was born December 13, 1896. His parents were Mr.and Mrs. Louis Gardener.They were originally from Louisiana but moved toRosevelt, Minnesota where Frank was born along with his two sisters andfour brothers without counting himself. His parents first lived in PineCounty Minnesota. His parents then lived in Rosevelt, Minnesota where theyhomesteaded or resided the rest of the time. He, just like Eva, was raisedon a farm when he was a child with his brothers and sisters.

His parents raised mostly grains on the farm. And his brothersand sisters all helped in some way to take care of the farm. He went toschool in Rosevelt, Minnesota with his brothers and sisters. He only hada chance of going up to the fifth grade.

Frank and Eva were married August 10, 1925. They livedin Pembina the first two years they were married. While they were in Pembina,Frank still helped other people with their farms and Eva did odds and endsfor jobs for other people. He soon got tired of farming so he started toget interested in becoming a blacksmith. So he opened up his own blacksmithshop himself. He built it in St. Vincent, there he worked for 38 years.They soon began to modernize more things so he began to lose more customers.Gradually he had to close the shop down.. But after he had no more customersfor doing any blacksmithing for anybody, he used the same shop but onlydid carpenter work in it then. There he worked as a carpenter for six toseven years. There he worked until his death June 14, 1959. He died theage of 63 because of internal bleeding and hemorrhaging.

Before Frank died you remember, he worked as a carpenter.They were living in St. Vincent at the time in what used to be a bank butwas changed into a house. While they were still living there he was buildinga new house for them to live in with the help of their oldest son. Thishouse was bigger compared to the house they had in Pembina and a littlebit bigger than the one they were living in St. Vincent. This one had sevenrooms and the one in Pembina had four rooms and the first one in St. Vincenthad six rooms.

Here Eva has spent the last 34 years in St. Vincent.

They were both church goers and also Catholics. They weren'treally that active except that Eva joined the church in St. Vincent andthe Ladies Committee to clean up the church on weekends.

Eva is still working for other people. Right now she isbaby-sitting for a young couple in Pembina and cleans house for an elderlycouple in Noyes.

Together, Eva and Frank had ten children. They lost threewhen they were very young because of accidents. Now they have 38 grandchildrenand eight great-grandchildren.



Eva Gardener - Interview - January 3, 1972


+1>Eva Gardener - Interview - January 3, 1972