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My Grandfather

Ernest P. Lofstrom


Kristofer Lofstrom


6th Grade 1995, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


My grandfather was born on December 11, 1931. His parentswere Albert P. and Hilma Lofstrom. He is the youngest of six children.

My grandfather was raised on a farm west of Strandquistand also graduated from Strandquist High School. In 1949, he enrolled atMoorhead State Teachers College. He attended college for one year. Insteadof going back to college, he enlisted in the Air Force on August 3, 1950.

After completing basic training, he was sent to Scott AirBase, Illinois where he attended Electronic Radio School. During his 21years of the Air Force, the places where he was stationed overseas were:Germany; Libya, North Africa; Athens, Greece; Japan; and Korea.

When he was stationed in Japan, he worked in the buildingwhere the Japanese planned the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

The states that he lived in were: Texas, Illinois, Alabama,California, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Minnesota.

He spent the most of his 21 years in the Air Force in theradio maintenance field usually in remote radio sites.

The place where my grandfather most enjoyed was a placecalled (NARAD) North American Radio Air Defense at Colorado Springs.

At the age of 23 he married Muriel Anderson of Karlstad. After a while three children came into their lives: Denise, Steve, andJodi. Denise and Steve were born in Japan but Jodi was born in ColoradoSprings.

My grandfather's hobbies are reading, watching T.V., andspending time with his eight grandchildren: Jeremy, Erin, Jessi, Kristofer,Jordan, Tanner, Jaren, and Maryn.

My grandfather was a busy man. When they all moved toKarlstad he ran a grocery store and worked at Super America.

My grandfather is 63 years of age and is retired.

I got my information from my grandfather, Ernest P. Lofstrom.

from my grandfather, Ernest P. Lofstrom.