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Ruth Lupien


Lance Lupien


6th Grade 1995, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


My mother was born in St. Vincent, MN on May 3, 1948. She attended school at St. Vincent through sixth grade then was bussed toHumboldt, MN for high school. School was different in St. Vincent. Theyhad no running water and they had toilets behind the school. One sectionfor the girls and one for the boys. She said school was fun though. Whenthey had a fire drill, all the kids in the upstairs of the building wentdown a huge slide that was attached on the outside of the building.

At this time, Kittson County was busy. They not only hada Kittson County Fair but they had a St. Vincent Fair too. The St. VincentFair was held in September. School was dismissed for a half a day to goto the fair. In the earlier days, there was a school about 2 and a halfmiles south of St. Vincent. It was called the #2 school. Both of my grandparentsattended this school. In later years, this building was moved to Lancasterand is now the Legion.

The trains were important to Kittson County too. Therewere two passenger trains. The Soo Line and the Great Northern. Many peopleused this to travel to the Twin Cities. Flooding was common and many floodswere very damaging. The 1950 flood lasted for 6 weeks and some smallerones were in 1948, 1966, and 1979.

This was a little bit about my mother and Kittson County.


Ruth Lupien

Ruth Lupien