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Mrs. William F. MacKay

(also spelled Mackay)


Gary Wilkie

Mrs. MacKay, one of the elder citizens of Noyes, Minnesotacame to the United States by train. She came with her parents at the ageof six months old. They settled in St. Vincent, Minnesota not far from whereshe lives now. They were a family of five and they had a very good home.They did have, however, a sickness in their family. Her brother had scarletfever at the age of 10. He came out of it okay. In those days it was a veryserious disease.

Mrs. MacKay and her brothers and sisters went to what youmight call a little red school house. They had to walk to school and itwas over three miles. There were very few in her class - about ten. Shewent to school until she was seventeen and in the eleventh grade.

Mrs. MacKay did not go on to school and was married rightafter she was out of high school. Her husband, Mr. William F. Mackay, wasa custom agent. They moved to Noyes in 1903. They lived in the depot atNoyes until their house was built. Mr. Mackay worked with Mr. Noyes, a customsagent who they named the town after.

Mrs. MacKay told of a very interesting experience. Theyhad a fire in their garage. In the garage was a very valuable car. Thiscar was the first one shipped to the United States. There was also woodin the garage that was for building the house. The garage and everythingin it was burned to the ground.

Mrs. MacKay still lives in Noyes and she is in good health.She is ninety years of age and has lived in this area for ninety years.

She has a family of five and lives right by one of hersons. She has four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Mrs. Mackayhas been plagued with a head cold all of her life. She has had a littlecough ever since her childhood. Mrs. MacKay has lived alone for fifty yearsever since the death of her husband.

She has very valuable furniture in her house that she nowlives in. Some pieces are over sixty years old.

We should look up and respect our elders.


MacKay, Mrs. (Interview) Jan. 18, 1970

It has been reported that William Fraser Mackay thoughtit was a bother to make the capital "K" in the spelling of MacKayand, therefore, he dropped it.

of MacKayand, therefore, he dropped it.