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Great Great Grandfather

Andrew Masloski


Chris LeDoux


6th Grade 1997, Lancaster School, Lancaster,Minnesota


This report is on my great great grandfather, his name,Andrew Masloski.

Andrew was born April 19, 1851 in Poland. Poland at thattime was ruled by Russia. His dad's name was Matt Masloski, he was bornin 1800. Do not know how long he lived.

My great great grandfather, Andrew, was married twice. Do not know his first wife's name. It was believed that she was of royalbirth. She married Andrew who was a commoner. Do not know when Andrew'sfirst wife died. Had to have died before he came to Canada because he remarriedbefore coming to Canada. He had three children from his first marriage. Their names were Bulaslas, Joe, and Josephine. Andrew married Mary Stefanowdskiat the Russian border. It is not known why they got married at the border. It is told that Andrew, Mary and Josephine, his daughter from his firstmarriage, immigrated to Canada through Port Arthur.

On April 1, 1891, Andrew, Mary and family migrated intothe United States through Neche, North Dakota. Andrew settled his familyin Grand Forks. It is not known what he did in Grand Forks. He met histwo sons from his first marriage there. They came to the United Statesthrough Ellis Island. Why they didn't come with their father is not known. Around the year 1895, Andrew moved his family along with one son to Orleans,Minnesota. In 1895, Andrew became a United States citizen. Andrew receivedhis homestead rights in 1901. Andrew and Mary had ten children: Anton(my great grandfather), Mary, William, Helen, Alexander, John, Francis,Felix, Peter and Paul.

Andrew's farm was in Richardville Township. His farm wasclose to where the Holy Rosary Church is now. It was the first CatholicChurch in the area. It was called at that time "The Blessed VirginCatholic Church". Do not know when or why the name was changed toThe Holy Rosary Church. The church was built in 1900 which Andrew donated2 acres of land for the cemetery. The church has been rebuilt since thenand I go to this church now.

Andrew Masloski died on December 10, 1917 of a heart attack. Mary, his wife, died in 1934 of natural causes. Mary and Andrew are buriedon the land he donated for a cemetery at The Holy Rosary Church. Here aresome quotes from my great grandmother, Mary, about my great great grandfather Andrew- - "Andrew was a very nice, kind and good person. Andrewwas a very tall, thin, man. His wife, Mary, was a very small woman wholike to smoke a pipe and chew snuff." Andrew was very kind to my greatgrandmother Mary and was happy that one of his sons had married her. Mary,my great grandmother said "one time Andrew had a party for the youngpeople in the neighborhood and that the snow was so deep the horses couldn'tmake it through. The young people walked on foot to get there. Andrewused to like having parties for the young people." They used to danceand play cards. They never drank at these parties even though they hadmoonshine they could have drank. Moonshine was for sale to make extra moneyin hard times.

I wish I could have known my great great grandfather.

Biography of Andrew Masloski

From book OUR FAMILY


From book OUR FAMILY