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Anton Masloski


Laura LeDoux

6th Grade 1995, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN

1st Place

Kittson County Historical Society GenealogyContest

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Anton Masloski was born December 19, 1891 to Mary and AndrewMasloski in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Anton came to the United Statesfrom Canada with his father and mother. At the age of 27, on February 23,1918, he enlisted into the United States Army and went to Camp Dodge, Iowato begin his service. On May 11, 1918, Anton Masloski sailed for an unknownport and on May 24th, he landed in the port of Calais, France. Anton wasa member of the Intelligence Section, Headquarters Company, 117th InfantryRegiment, 30th Division. Because of his inability to read and write dueto lack of schooling, a fellow infantryman, A. Melcher, corresponded andinterpreted letters for Anton while away. Although he couldn't read andwrite, he could speak many languages, such as, Norwegian, Russian, German,Polish and Bohemian and was talented enough to learn to play the constantina,fiddle, harmonica, and accordion by ear.

On September 23, 1918, Anton was in the front line facingthe French towns of Bellicourt on the left and Nauroy on the right. Thisline was known as the Hindenburg System. On October 17, 1918, at 6:30 a.m.,the German artillery opened fire on the whole front. Anton was renderedunconscious by a heavy artillery shell. At 7:00 a.m., Anton's company renewedthe attack, and once again, he was fallen, shortly before noon by an explodinggas shell in Flanders Field. He survived and was decorated with the VictoryMedal. He was honorably discharged from the United States Army on April26, 1919.

Shortly after returning home, he married Mary Polejewskion September 23, 1919 in the Holy Rosary Catholic Church. This was the firstmarriage to be held in the newly rebuilt church. Anton and Mary made theirhome in St. Joseph Township and made their living as farmers. They had tenchildren who were Margaret, Louis (my grampa), Victoria, Sophie, Eleanor,Edward (Eleanor and Edward were twins), Martha, Raymond, Harry, and Elizabeth.Anton lived to the age of 75, but on May 24th, 1961, he died of a heartattack. Mary died February 11th, 1981 of a stroke, and both lay to restin the Holy Rosary Cemetery.

Interviewed: Grandma Leona Chalaturnyk

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