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The Life Of

Violet Mattson


Michael Hill


6th Grade 1994, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


1921 September 19 Violet Mattson lived three miles southof Lancaster. They had no car, just horses and wagons, usually they walked. My grandmother had to wait by the road for a ride or otherwise they walkedto town with cream and to get groceries. My grandma was poor but had funin school. The school had no hot lunches, they had to bring their lunchescold.

My grandmother lived south of Lancaster for only threeyears. After that, they moved to Hallock and went to school there for fiveyears. My grandma worked for farmers for money not farming just cleaninghouse. Her friends went to movies but she did not go because her familycould not afford it. When she was older, she walked to confirmation everyweek.

My grandmother did not finish high school because she workedto help her parents at home. At home, my grandmother washed clothes byhand on a washboard but first she had to heat up the water. After that,she churned butter for the family.

When she cleaned for other people, she would usually getpaid sixteen dollars a month. She would stay at the person's house fora couple of months, but if she did not not like it there she would quitworking and just go home.

At the age of twenty-five, she moved out and got marriedto Earl Mattson and lived in Grand Forks, North Dakota for 35 years andraised three children, Earlyn, Valerie, and Verlene. Then they retiredand moved to Lake Bronson where they live now.


Interviewed Violet Mattson

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