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Mrs. Leonard Jerome Overcomes Her Handicap


Mary Jerome


My mother was born January 13, 1932. She lived in McArther,a little ways from Pembina. She lived on a farm and raised chickens, pigs,and a horse. She went to St. Vincent grade school until she was out ofthe fourth grade. She had to walk about 4 or 5 miles a day to go to school.

When my mother got home from school, she had to feed theanimals and help her dad out in the field.

She would have to start out for school about 6:30 in themorning and would get to school about 8:30.

She went to school in Pembina until she graduated fromeighth grade.

My mother got a job at "Short's Cafe." She wasa waitress there when she was fourteen years old. She worked there forabout 4 months. She got fifty-three cents an hour.

Then my mother went to Minneapolis with a friend of hersand worked at a store. She was a waitress there too, and got thirty-fivecents an hour as a dishwasher. She and her friend rented a room down inMinneapolis.

When she came home in the winter for Christmas she gota warm pair of mittens from her mother and father. That was all she expectedto get because of the expense of the mittens.

When they had dinner they had a big turkey and pies, cakes,potatoes and a lot of other good foods.

My mother had a four room house to sleep in but she hadto sleep on the floor because there were ten children in their family andit was very crowded.

When she would get up in the morning, she would have togo out to get the logs to light the fire and to get the breakfast ready.

They usually had fried potatoes, eggs, toast and meat.

Today my mother is crippled and in a wheelchair becauseof lead poisoning. She has overcome her handicap very well. She does lotsof things. She has electric appliances and running water and an eight roomhouse with electric heating and an electric stove. She is not yet retiredbecause she is only 41 years old.

She can walk with a walker. She walks around the housewith it.



Mrs. Leonard Jerome, Interviewed February 27, 1973

. Leonard Jerome, Interviewed February 27, 1973