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Nature Medicine


Cindy Pede


Whenever, one of us gets sick we run to the doctor. Theearly Indians couldn't do that. They had to use the local plants, treesand herbs to make their own medicine.

Both Rose Monette and Martin Maier helped their Grandmother,a Cree Indian, gather various plants, seeds and roots. These had to becured by drying them so they were ready whenever anyone got sick.

Some of the plants they gathered are still growing in thePembina area.

They gathered peppermint leaves to make tea for colds andsore throats, Snake plant for abdominal cramps, Plantain was for a poultice,Tea was made from chokechemy bark for constipation.

For burns, they made a poultice out of fuzz from a ripecattail mixed with grease.

No doubt they had many more plants which they used.




Christopher, Christine, Pembina, ND, Interview: December14 and December 20, 1973

and December 20, 1973