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Clara Nelson


Kyle Englund


6th Grade 1993, Tri-County School, Karlstad,Minnesota


Clara Nelson was born October 9, 1909 to Nels Andrew Englundand Selma Margaret Englund at Karlstad, MN. Clara has two brothers, Einarand Elmer, and two younger brothers, Vincent and Arnold. Her two sisters,Margaret and Edna, both died at the age of six weeks.

When Clara started school, she could only speak Swedishbut she had a teacher who helped her speak English. She graduated from8th grade at the old Karlstad School House. As a teenager, Clara workedhard from dawn until dusk cooking for the men and picking potatoes.

On April 6, 1929, Clara married Alvin Sjoblom. Their son,Vernon, was born on November 5 of that year and their daughter, Adrienne,was born on April Fools Day in 1933. On June 11 in 1938, Alvin was killedsuddenly n a car accident - it is a day Clara still remembers clearly 55years later. Their daughter, Eleanor, was born in September after her father'sdeath. To support her young family, Clara got household jobs cleaning floors,walls and ceilings for 25 cents an hour.

Clara's second husband was Carl Simonson whom she marriedon November 2, 1943. They lived in International Falls until Clara becamesick with tuberculosis. She spent nineteen months in a sanatorium in ThiefRiver Falls. She was able to come home to International Falls for a whileand her son Arlynn Simonson was born June 11, 1951. However, when Arlynnwas only two months old, she had lung surgery and returned to the sanatoriumfor another two years. She divorced her second husband in 1956.

In May of 1958, Clara married for a third time. She livedwith her husband, Emmanuel Nelson, in Karlstad until his death on November14, 1971. Today, Clara lives in an apartment in Oakwood Homes where sheenjoys crocheting, reading, and doing wood puzzles. She is an active memberof Heglund Lutheran Church. She has had two other serious surgeries andis grateful to have reached 83 years of age. She enjoys fifteen grandchildrenand 29 great grandchildren. I'm proud that this warm, cheerful lady ismy great aunt.

cheerful lady ismy great aunt.