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Elmer Nelson


Amelia Nelson


6th Grade 1994, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


Elmer Theodore Nelson was born in Crookston, MN. He grewup on a farm in Orleans, MN. When he was young, everybody called him "Junior."

He has two brothers and three sisters. Their names are:Dale, Lowell, Leranne, Leona and Shirley. When Elmer was growing up, hewas always busy on the farm. He was expected to do a lot of chores. But,after all of his chores and hard work had been finished, Elmer would dohis homework. After his homework was done, he would practice his clarinetfor two hours. Elmer went to the Lancaster Public School when he was growingup. After he graduated High School, he went to Bemidji University.

"Living in the country has many advantages."Elmer says. "You become self-reliant."

Elmer had a happy childhood. "Living with so manybrothers and sisters was hard at times, but most of the time we got alongand there was no trouble." says Elmer. He felt he had his place. Which is important when you grow up in a large family.

Elmer believes that Lancaster is different now, but atsome point it's the same Lancaster that he grew up in. Elmer also saidthat "If you want a happy place to grow up in, I recommend Lancaster."

When Elmer was growing up, he would get in his share oftrouble. Elmer's older sister, Shirley was getting very bossy. So, oneday when she had to scrub the kitchen floor, Elmer decided to get even. He always got even. Little Junior was told to go get something in thebasement. He had been outside so his boots were very muddy. Shirley wasscrubbing and complaining, complaining and scrubbing. By the time she lookedup, Elmer was downstairs. There was a mud track all the way around thekitchen. Elmer got even. Elmer had his revenge.

even. Elmer had his revenge.