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New Year In The Red River Valley


Elaine Cote

Junior High Division


New Year is the beginning of a new year; the first dayin the calendar year.

Often church services are held. Ceremonies may take placein renewing life. It is not a festival of the Christian church. Christiansdate events from the time of Christ's birth. Christians have practiced itsince the sixth century.

Parties are often held before, during, or after churchservices. People decorate their houses to invite friends, relatives, andneighbors. Most of them exchange gifts or thoughts. People who have partieson New Year's Eve want to "Watch the old year out." Many peopleused to have "Open House," some people still have them, anyoneis welcome to join the fun. Refreshments and snacks may be served.

Some people just spend a quiet evening reading a book orwatching television. On television they watch people dancing to the musicthat a group always plays, they may be watching all the people gather atTimes Square kissing at the stroke of midnight or singing the familiar song"Auld Lang Syne."

January is the coldest month of the year in the Red RiverValley. Many animals hibernate or go south for the winter.

Many people have New Year resolutions; New Year resolutionsare common. Some people don't keep their resolutions. Resolutions in theMerriam-Webster dictionary is "A formal statement expressing the opinion,will, or intent of a body of persons". Resolutions may be the sameas resolving.


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