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Sarah June Gateson Nicholson


Amber Wilson


6th Grade 1995, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


Sarah June Gateson Nicholson was born on March 8, 1910in Ridgeville, Manitoba. Her parents' names were Alvina and Abraham Gateson. She was born into a large family having 8 sisters and 0 brothers. Hersisters names are: Hilda, Emma, Ester, Rosalie, Tillie, Violet, Edyth, andEvelyn. Sarah attended the Ridgeville Country School, which was 4 milesfrom her home. I asked her how schooling was different then than it isnow. She told me that they had to walk the 4 miles to school, the teachertaught all grades, everyone brought their own lunch, and there were no extracurricular activities. The 1 room school house only went up to 8th grade,and because of financial reasons, my Great-Aunt could not receive furthereducation. She did although, get her GED when she was retired. Her familymade a living farming, and having no brothers, the girls were entitled todoing a lot of manual labor. They would get up at the crack of dawn andbegin by milking their 15 cattle. My aunt told me that after that theyeach had their separate chores. She and her sister, Emma, were to workin the field with their father, as the other kids would do various jobs,such as, gardening, housework, feeding and tending to the animals, and manymany others. She worked hard on the farm for years and years. Then onSeptember 14, 1933, she was united in marriage to Harold Nicholson. Healso made a living by farming, so she continued to farm until they retiredand resided in Yuma, Arizona, where they then lived. When Harold passedaway in 1961, she continued living there. Her health was getting worseand worse, so on March 7, 1995, my mother, Sandy Wilson, flew down to Yumawhere she would bring her back, and my aunt could live in the Hallock NursingHome. Now that she is near to where I live, I find it a pleasure to visither. She never runs out of stories that happened a long time ago when shewas growing up.

Source: Sarah June Gateson Nicholson. Resident of theHallock Nursing Home.

of theHallock Nursing Home.